| 08/23/2016

The unsubscribe link: a matter of transparency, reputation, performance and deliverability

“I put so much effort into increasing the number of subscribers to my communications, offering them the chance to unsubscribe seems like an own goal.” Hands up anyone who’s never felt this way deep down. It’s extremely tempting to hold onto the subscribers in your database any way you can, especially when you’ve put so […] Read more

| 08/18/2016

Summer email designs: top 5 email campaigns

Summer is the season of bright colours, sun on the beach, fresh fruit and swimsuits. In life, just like in emails! We’ve put together a list of our favourite summer email campaigns in terms of design for their effectiveness in embodying the summer trends. Summer email design: why we picked these 5 Here are the reasons why we liked […] Read more

| 08/02/2016

Digital strategy: 7 fatal errors to avoid at all costs

A good digital strategy has many building blocks: from UX and UI design, to planning email, social and SEO campaigns, creating relevant online and offline content, right through to e-commerce and mobile platform management. It is a complex network of channels through which any business – regardless of its size and target market – can […] Read more

| 07/20/2016

MailUp & PrestaShop: integration is here!

Good news for anyone running an online shop on PrestaShop, one of the most-used e-commerce open source platforms all over the world. MailUp is pleased to announce a major expansion of its integrations: an extension is now available to integrate PrestaShop with the MailUp platform thanks to a dedicated module for sale on the e-commerce […] Read more