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“How much is it?” That’s naturally one of the first questions customers ask when choosing a sophisticated messaging system.

Here at MailUp, we love talking about our pricing system! MailUp is the only email marketing company we know that offers unlimited messaging and contacts at a set price.

Say hello to Pay-per-Speed pricing!

“How does it work?” Think about your smart phone contract. Aren’t you sick of those pesky overage charges because you went over your allocated minutes? They make it impossible to plan ahead and penalize you for using the service.

There’s none of that with MailUp. Pay-per-Speed offers a flat fee which helps you know exactly what you are paying every month while offering you maximum flexibility. With Pay-per-Speed Pricing:

  • You know exactly what you are paying on a monthly basis
  • If you send more messages, the price does not change
  • If you add more subscribers to your lists, the price does not change
  • If you increase the frequency of your newsletters, the price does not change

Here is a quick presentation with a practical example:


With pay-per-speed pricing you are charged based on how fast you want messages to be sent. You subscribe to a certain amount of bandwidth and then use it to send as many messages as you want! Typically, this provides tremendous savings compared to competing solutions, especially as the frequency of your mailings increases.

Really, Pay-per-Speed is the only way to go!

Next steps:

  1. Check out our cool MailUp pricing simulator
  2. Register for a free trial and you will then also have access to a tool that allows you to get an exact quote for your specific needs.
  3. Or contact us to discuss.

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