Free trial to active user conversion with MailUp triggered messages

02 March 2012

We love solving problems! MailUp recently attended the Email Summit in Las Vegas. One potential client told us that he had trouble getting his customers to activate his Free Trial, and that he didn’t have time to track each individual and send each an email follow-up. It’s a common issue with Web-based applications. Often prospects sign up for a free trial account, but never get around to using the application. They get distracted with a million other things, they forget about it, or they don’t see the trial activation email in their busy inbox.

About Triggered Messages

Never fear! Triggered Messaging is here! One of MailUp’s most magical features allows you to automatically send messages when a certain event occurs. The conditions that trigger the event can be based on…

  1. Data filters (e.g. you are a male vs. female, you subscribed on a certain date, you live in a certain ZIP code, etc.)
  2. Activity filters (e.g. you click or did not click on a certain link, you did not open the last 3 messages, etc.)
  3. Geographic filters (e.g. IP address-based location automatically detected by MailUp)
  4. Device filters (e.g. you read your mail on a desktop vs an iPhone)
Data filters can be based on data that has been imported into the recipients database, or populated by customers filling out a subscription or “Update your profile” form, or by using the robust MailUp API.
Triggered Messages

Converting free trial signups into users

In the case of our customer that had an issue with free trial users disappearing from the face of the earth, for example, a triggered message can easily be created in MailUp to automatically send a reminder to those who did not click to activate their free trial.

Of course, you could do much more than that. By saving relevant data from a Web application to the MailUp recipients database, using the MailUp API, you could do things like…

  1. Following up with a new user of your Web application if they have not logged in after signing up for the free trial
    How? You could save the last login date in a custom field with a simple API call, and send a message automatically if that field is still empty after N days following the free trial activation
  2. Sending a series of “How To’s” or other usability- or feature-related messages after the first login occurs
    How? You could set up a series of triggered messages sent a set intervals (3 days after the first login, 7 days after the first login, etc.)
  3. Sending feature-specific messages when a certain feature is activated
    How? You could save to a custom field a value indicating that a certain feature has been activated, using a simple API call with the MailUp API

Flexible conditions, smart triggers

With Triggered Messaging, you can:

  • create unlimited event-based messages
  • define when they are active
  • define when how often they will be sent (e.g. daily, monthly, annually, one-time)
  • define which events trigger the sending of the message by combining multiple filters (e.g. send second message if first message was not opened; or send a welcome message N days after subscription)
  • send the event-based message to a specific group or to any subscriber
  • update user information via the MailUp APIs, then send automatic messages based on that information

Ecommerce implementation

Triggered messages work particularly well on an ecommerce store. For example, you could store in a custom field the date of the last order placed, then send a customer satisfaction survey message N days after the order has been placed, or cross-sell other products by knowing the product ID of the item that was purchased. Stay tuned for more ecommerce-related announcements very soon!

In the meantime, get Trigger Happy with MailUp, and turn more customers into active users of your products and services.

  1. Add Triggered Messaging to your MailUp account by subscribing to the Marketing+ feature package
  2. Not a MailUp user yet? Check out our cool MailUp pricing simulator, or contact us for a quote for your specific needs. In the meantime, get started with a free trial

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