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2015 Update: Check out the new version of the MailUp App for Shopify!

We’re blogging live from Internet Retailer 2012 (come see us at booth 144) where among other things.

We are presenting the BETA version of our new, slick integration with Shopify, the popular, hosted ecommerce platform.

The MailUp App for Shopify makes it super-simple for merchants to use all of the powerful email marketing tools built into the MailUp platform, with customer and order data flowing automatically from their store into MailUp.

Among the features:

  • Customers that opt into receiving marketing communications from the store are automatically opted into a List in the MailUp account (MailUp supports unlimited lists within an account)
  • When an order is placed, order data is sent automatically to MailUp (e.g. order date, order amount, IDs of products ordered, etc.)
  • When an order is shipped, shipping data is transferred over
  • Email subscription preferences are kept in-sync between the two systems

With customer and ecommerce transaction data from the Shopify-powered store now available in MailUp, the system’s triggered messages features can be used to automatically run marketing campaigns such as:

  • Sending a “Thank You” message with a coupon 30 days after the purchase date
  • Sending a cross-selling message based on the product IDs that have been purchased
  • Sending a special reward (e.g. a gift certificate) to customers that have passed a certain amount of total $ ordered
  • … and much more

Setup is a breeze. There are only a few steps.

First, you enter your MailUp API account credentials.

Then, you map some fields so that Shopify all the data flows into the right places.

Finally, you tell Shopify which List in your MailUp account – which can support multiple Lists – will be used to receive data from the Shopify-powered store.

That’s it. MailUp and Shopify are now communicating: customer and order information will flow automatically from Shopify into your MailUp account, so you can get creative with all kinds of automated, post-purchase marketing campaigns.

The MailUp App for Shopify is completely free of charge. The integration between the two systems right now is in BETA, and therefore has not yet been made public on the Shopify App store. Sign up for a MailUp free trial and then contact us to test drive the integration with Shopify!

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