Update: Check out the latest version of the MailUp plugin for WordPress (version 1.4)

Allowing new subscribers to opt-in to your emailing list is at the core of any email marketing strategy.  With the newly released version 1.2 of the MailUp newsletter sign-up form for WordPress, we are focusing our efforts to provide any company with a flexible, customizable newsletter sign-up plugin for their WordPress-powered blog or website.

The MailUp plugin for WordPress allows you to easily drop a newsletter subscription form into your WordPress website or blog, so that visitors can sign-up and receive news and updates from you. New subscribers are added to your MailUp account, in the List you specify (MailUp accounts support multiple lists).  From within your MailUp email marketing account, you will then be able to easily create and send email newsletters that could feature, for example, a selection of your best blog posts or more recently updated website pages.

Plugin Features

Version 1.2 of the plugin is fully compatible with the most recent WordPress 3.4.1 version. Among its features:

  • Quick and easy installation: The plugin can be installed and activated in just a few moments, through your WordPress dashboard under the “Add New” Plugins section. There is no need to download the plugin file and go through a series of complex installation steps.
  • Front-end widget: The plugin creates a WordPress widget that you can drag and drop like any other widget. For example, you can add the sign-up form to your right-side column, or to the header or footer of your template.
  • Fully customizable: The settings section of the plugin allows you to customize the newsletter sign-up form that your online viewers will see on your website. This includes the text of the form, the recipient fields to include, and the CSS style (i.e. style of the plugin).
Signup form
  • Follows email marketing best practices: By default the plugin uses the recommended double opt-in subscription method. This means that when online viewers fill out the sign-up form, they will receive a confirmation email and have to confirm their subscription. This is an email marketing best practice as it eliminates the chances of spam traps and incorrect email addresses being added to your list, therefore improving the quality of the list and your deliverability.
  • Subscribers’ info is saved directly in MailUp: Once online viewers subscribe to receive your emails, their email address and other information collected through the plugin (e.g. name and country) will be available automatically in your MailUp email marketing account. Therefore, there is no need to collect email addresses the old way through a csv or excel file.
  • Language and privacy settings: The plugin allows you to edit all text shown in the form. This is especially useful for our international users who wish to have all the aspects of the plugin in their preferred language. You can also require that new subscribers agree to your privacy policy or terms and conditions.

Downloading the MailUp Plugin for WordPress

The MailUp plugin is available free of charge in the WordPress plugin directory. To have your newsletter sign-up form ready to go on your WordPress website you will need to install, configure, and style the plugin. These three steps are best highlighted in our video tutorials. In just a new minutes, you’ll be all set to go!

Get the MailUp Plugin for WordPress today!

The MailUp newsletter plugin for WordPress has already been downloaded more than 8,000 times. Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your online visitors up-to-date with your newest content. Turning your online viewers and into engaged subscribers is crucial, and the MailUp plugin can help you do just that.

If you don’t have a MailUp account and you would like to test both MailUp’s email marketing features and the newsletter plugin for WordPress, you can simply sign up to a 30-day free trial.

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