Update: Check out the latest version of the MailUp plugin for WordPress (version 1.4)

With a total of over 10,000 downloads and an average of 300 weekly downloads in the past three months, the MailUp plugin for WordPress is becoming a popular solution for WordPress.org users.

The reason is that it makes it a snap to add a newsletter sign-up form widget to their WordPress-powered Web site. The widget can be configured to have required and non-required fields, a checkbox to agree to a privacy policy (or other terms and conditions), and text strings that can be translated in any language.

Once signed up, they can then manage their subscribers through the feature-rich MailUp admin console and send out all kinds of email communications, such as blog article digests and newsletters.

Newsletter signup widget for WordPress

The MailUp plugin is fully customizable (e.g. in size, appearance, and language) and with the newly released 1.3 version, you can now add up to 5 custom fields on your sign-up form widget, and choose from a selection of styles, including a compact sign-up form. For each field, you can specify whether it will be required or not. Configuring the way the signup form will be shown in your Web site only takes a few clicks.

Setting custom fields

The information collected through the signup form will be stored in your MailUp account when your Web site visitors sign up, and can be used to better target your newsletters, address your recipients by first name, etc.

Directly from your WordPress admin dashboard, be sure to update your MailUp plugin to version 1.3.

Not a MailUp customer? Give the MailUp plugin a try! Watch a video tutorial on how to download the MailUp plugin and connect your WordPress website to a MailUp free trial account.

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