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20 November 2012

Since the October release of MailUp 8, our customers have been very pleased with the new look & feel and improved, user-friendly navigation. By listening to our customers’ feedback and thanks to a user-centered design, our email marketing platform is better than ever.

One of the many improvements has been to provide much more comprehensive documentation, which can be found at

Customized Help On Every Page In Your MailUp Platform

The Help documentation has been created to offer you a detailed guide on how to use MailUp’s numerous features, such as A/B testing, dynamic content, triggered messages, and equally important on how to excel in email marketing as an online marketing professional. The Help is divided in the following sections:

  • User Guide: for an in-depth look at all of MailUp’s features
  • Integrations: for the complete list of MailUp integrations for e-commerce, CRM, CMS, such as for Magento and WordPress
  • API: for developers looking to interact with MailUp through its API

Every page (almost, still working on a few areas!) includes a help icon that links to information specific to the feature(s) handled by that page. For example, when you work in MailUp on setting up an A/B test, by clicking on the help icon, you get customized and relevant help on A/B testing. Within the platform, you can also click on Help to go directly to the online documentation.

MailUp Help Icon

Better Email Marketing Tools… Thanks To You!

FeedbackToday, MailUp is a better tool thanks to the suggestions that we continue to receive from our customers. In order to encourage a constant stream of feedback, MailUp 8 includes a feedback tab that makes it even easier for users to share what they like and what they’d like to see improved.

Just as the help icons are specific to each page, so are the feedback tabs. So, please offer your advice for the specific page you are on. For example, if you are working in the Managing groups section and would like to offer your insight, the feedback tab is specific to that page. You can also give pages a score: let’s hope to see 5 stars on a lot of pages… or suggestions on how to get there!

MailUp Feedback Tab

This article was written by

Sergio Mandrone

Sergio Mandrone

Sergio is Associate Product Marketing Manager at MailUp in the San Francisco office. With 5 years of digital marketing experience, he writes for the MailUp blog, manages the Email Design Workshop blog, and is currently working with the MailUp BEE team to grow the line of BEE products.

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