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Facebook has become one of the preferred marketing channels for branding, communication, and customer engagement. With pictures, links, and video, we – as online marketers – try to optimize posts to be the most engaging and relevant to customers. So, how about posting your email newsletter on your Facebook company page? Does posting your newsletter improve engagement? And how can you actually post your newsletter on Facebook?

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The answer lies in the email marketing platform you use: some offer this feature, some don’t, a few charge for it, and some do it better. Let’s briefly look at MailUp’s social media campaign management features. With MailUp, you can easily:

  • Share (post/schedule) your email newsletter on multiple Facebook pages
  • Track key social media engagement metrics (views, likes, comments, etc)
  • See how much traffic to your newsletter comes from your social media posts
  • Use MailUp beyond email marketing and manage all your social media profiles
  • Post messages on Twitter and LinkedIn (personal page) too!
  • All of this at no extra cost

Reasons To Share Your Email Newsletter On Facebook

In terms of marketing ROI, your email newsletter ranks high (email marketing is N. 1 according to most studies) and, chances are, you spend a lot of energy and resources creating newsletters with content and promotions that your customers appreciate. Once you send out your newsletter, don’t throw it away just yet: share it on Facebook! Why? Here are a few key advantages of posting your newsletter on Facebook:

  • Keep track of your fans and customers: Some of your fans may not be current customers. By sharing your newsletter, you give them one more reason to sign-up for your newsletter and learn more about you.
  • Compare engagement: see how much activity (e.g. opens) on your newsletter comes from social media: is your audience already engaged on your social media pages? From there you can set up a social media strategy, and decide where to focus your attention.
  • Become viral: With a simple click of the like button on your Facebook page, your newsletter can reach a far wider audience much more quickly than through an email forwards (which are rarely used).
  • Alive and kicking! Social media pages that don’t get updated can be counterproductive. Send the message that you’re a business that wants to communicate with customers and prospects through social media!

How To Post Your Newsletter On Facebook

In your MailUp account, the Social tab (under Messages > Social) allows you to create a new post and publish it immediately or schedule it for later. The post creation Wizard pre-fills several fields based on the newsletter you pick, and adds a link to the hosted, online version of your newsletter (automatically created by MailUp).

In MailUp, sharing your newsletter on Facebook is quick and simple and takes just a few clicks. Let’s take a look at how to do this with the following video tutorial:

Of course, you can also post messages that are not linked to a newsletter, using the Social channel in your MailUp account for all the updates you publish on your social media accounts.

Additional Resources:

  • For more information on MailUp’s social feature, see Social Media Integration.
  • For details on how to use the social channel in your MailUp account, see the MailUp User Guide.
  • To connect your social media account in MailUp, go to Settings > List settings > Social media accounts.
  • For detailed statistics on your social posts, go to Statistics > Social.

MailUp, is not only the perfect solution for running professional email marketing campaigns and reducing your email marketing costs, but also to easily add social media publishing features to your marketing toolset.

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