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We’re excited to announce the release of MailUp for Salesforce. With MailUp for Salesforce users of the popular CRM can leverage the MailUp platform to execute and track email marketing campaigns, enjoy high deliverability and leverage all of the professional message creation, testing, and tracking features built into MailUp.

MailUp for Salesforce

Salesforce users looking for an integrated email marketing tool

MailUp for Salesforce offers several benefits for Salesforce users that are looking for an email marketing system integrated with their CRM. Among the main benefits:

  • No send limits for email campaigns created in Salesforce and sent through MailUp: leverage MailUp’s unique Pay Per Speed pricing model, which sets no limits on the number of recipients included in a campaign
  • Campaign optimization tools: take advantage of MailUp’s high-deliverability and extensive message creation and testing tools (merge tags, dynamic content, A/B testing, email preview on multiple email clients, spam check, etc.)
  • Data sync: map up to 40 custom fiels between Salesforce and MailUp: that data is transferred to MailUp when campaign members are “pushed” to MailUp during the execution of a campaign, and can be used for message personalization, recipient segmentation, triggered messages, etc.
  • Automatic import of campaign statistcs from MailUp back into Salesforce, both at the campaign and the campaign member level
  • Leverage campaign member stats for future, targeted campaigns (e.g. everybody that did not open a previous campaign).

Campaign statistcs from MailUp right in Salesforce

MailUp users looking for an integrated CRM

MailUp users that are thinking of using a CRM that integrates well with their MailUp account will particularly appreciate these additional benefits of the Salesforce integration:

  • Data-sync from Salesforce into MailUp (bi-directional data sync is also on the roadmap!)
  • Start a campaign in Salesforce and a message is created in MailUp, automatically tagged as the Salesforce campaign
  • Summary campaign statistcs displayed directly in Salesforce
  • One-click login into MailUp from within the Salesforce admin console

Additional benefit: MailUp as SMTP for Salesforce

Thanks to its built-in SMTP relay service, MailUp can be set up as the SMTP server used by Salesforce for all email messages sent from the CRM, not just email campaigns. This means that you can enjoy tracking and high deliverability when sending individual messages to leads or contacts, for example.

Getting started with MailUp for Salesforce

MailUp for Salesforce is free of charge and can be installed in just a few minutes. It carries a “BETA” label because it has not been published in the Salesforce AppXchange (the approval process is under way).

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