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We love bringing different technologies together to help create something that can really help our customers. This is one of those cases: we’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with 4-Tell and provide you the ability to add product recommendations in email.

The value of personalized product recommendations in email

4-Tell increases sales by using product recommendations to suggest items shoppers may be interested in. At the core is their Boost® Recommendation Engine. It automatically gathers data (e.g. from your online store and your shoppers’ behavior) and applies intelligent algorithms to it in order to understand what other products or services a certain customer might be interested in.

Applied to email there are many, immediate applications:

  • A newsletter could also contain gift ideas personalized to the recipient’s taste
  • A post-purchase “Thank You” message could contain suggestions for a future purchase
  • A promotion could highlight specific products that matter to the recipient, instead of just any product
  • … and so on.

Increase visits and conversions

Dramatic improvements in time spent shopping, conversions and sales

Why should you care? Because online retailers that are taking advantage of 4-Tell’s technology on their websites have seen dramatic results. On average:

  • 17% More Sales
  • 18% Higher Conversion
  • 4X Increase in Shopping Time

And when used in email, product recommendations have resulted in:

  • 5.2% click through with 15% conversion in transactional email
  • 26% more revenue with recommendations in daily deal or monthly marketing email
  • 3% overall boost to email ecommerce revenue (Forrester Research)

Intelligent product recommendations deliver great ROI

 4-Tell is so sure that their recommendation engine will have a positive impact on your business that it provides a 10X ROI guarantee. That is: they guarantee you will grow sales by at least 10 times what you are spending on the 4-Tell solution!

A few clicks is all it takes

The problem is that this sort of thing used to be pretty complex to accomplish. Big companies with supersized IT budgets have been doing this type of personalized marketing for a while, but smaller companies have struggled to find the tools to do so.

That’s why we are so excited about introducing the integration of MailUp and 4-Tell. Adding smart and personalized product recommendations to your emails now takes only a few clicks:

  • In the 4-Tell Boost® Dashboard, create and style the HTML code to be pasted into your emails, and select MailUp as the target system
  • The HTML will be pre-configured with the dynamic fields used by MailUp for data such as customer ID and recently ordered product IDs.
  • You can paste the HTML code in any of your messages. You can create different instances of the code (e.g. different styles, number of recommendations, vertical vs. horizontal layout) for different email messages.
  • When a message is sent to a recipient, the values in those fields are passed to the 4-Tell Boost® Engine via the HTML code, and personalized recommendations are shown.

Grow sales with product recommendations in email!

Magento-powered ecommerce stores

For online merchants that use the Magento ecommerce system, things are particularly easy:

  • Catalog and order data is automatically collected by 4-Tell via the 4-Tell extension
  • Order and customer data flows automatically into MailUp via the MailUp extension

Therefore, both systems have accurate, up-to-date data without requiring any manual import!

Product recommendations can enhance all sorts of emails sent by MailUp. For example, they could push higher clicks and conversion on messages such as:

  • Targeted campaigns sent to select customers (e.g. everyone that purchased over $500 in the last 6 months)
  • Automated post-purchase campaigns based on a variety of parameters (e.g. message sent 2 weeks after purchase if purchase amount was over $200)
  • Automated re-engagement of buyers that have not recently purchased (e.g. message sent to those that have purchased, but not in the last 6 months).
  • … the possibilities are endless so get creative!

Tracking the effect of product recommendations in email

Deep integration with Google Analytics allows for accurate tracking of the improvements across all KPIs, such as time spent shopping, conversions, and sales influenced by 4-Tell’s product recommendations.

Special offer: 50% off your first month!

MailUp customers: try 4-Tell Boost® Recommendations and enjoy:

Contact us or our friends at 4-Tell to discuss boosting your sales with MailUp and 4-Tell!

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