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Updated API, updated Zapier integration

As we keep updating the MailUp Rest API with cool new features (built-in filtering, sorting, etc.), we also update integrations built on that API. This week we updated our recently released Zapier integration.

Zapier is one of our favorite new Web apps: it makes geeky stuff like “integrating applications” within reach for non-technical folks that just need to get work done.

IF someone unsubscribes THEN…

One thing we added to the MailUp service within Zapier is the trigger “New recipient unsubscribed”. Which means that when someone unsubscribes in some list in MailUp, this can become a trigger for an action in one of the 200+ applications integrated with Zapier.

For example, you may want to keep track in a Google Spreadsheet of resellers that chose not to receive your award-winning newsletter, so you can call them up and let them know they’re not getting any Halloween candy from you this year.

Unsubscribe in MailUp add row to Google spreadsheet

All right, that might not be the first Zap you create, but you get the idea.

Unsubscribing a recipient is also an action in the MailUp service within Zapier… and you can connect the two! So you could use Zapier to say:

  • IF someone unsubscribes from List 1 (e.g. monthly update)
  • THEN also unsubscribes them from List 2 (e.g. triggered messages)

Adding a rich recipient profile to MailUp

MailUp currently supports 40 custom fields. Now, when you add a recipient to MailUp via Zapier (e.g. when a new contact is added to your CRM), you can map the fields so that you don’t simply add an email to a List, but rather a much, much richer recipient profile.

Adding recipients from Zapier via custom fields

You can then use that information in MailUp for creating all sorts of flexible filters for segmentation, dynamic content, and triggered messages.

Custom fields are also avaiable to you when you retrieve recipient data from MailUp via Zapier. For example, when you want to push a new recipient in MailUp as a new contact in your CRM.

So, either way you go, you can add to or extract from MailUp rich recipient profiles.

Automatically send an email to a group of recipients

We also added to our Zapier actions the ability for you to send a message to a group of recipients. Groups are subsets of recipients in a List in MailUp’s multi-list, multi-group environment.

New message to group via Zapier

For example, you could automatically send a message to a certain group of recipients when a new document is created in Google Docs, or when a payment is received in Freshbooks, or an order is received in your Shopify or BigCommerce store.

We’ll keep updating the integration with Zapier in the future.

Let us know how you put it to use!

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  • Ho creato uno Zap che mi consente di passare a MailUp indirizzi email raccolti con Gravity Forms. Funziona perfettamente tranne che per l’opt-in, ovvero l’utente viene inserito nella mailing list senza mail di conferma della validitĂ  dell’indirizzo.
    E’ possibile agganciare questa funzione?

    • mailupinc

      Grazie del feedback e ci scusiamo per il ritardo nella risposta (problema con il sistema di gestione dei commenti). Attualmente la REST API utilizzata nell’integrazione con Zapier non supporta il double opt-in (anche chiamato COI, Confirmed Opt-In). Stiamo aggiungendo questa funzione all’API proprio in questi giorni e aggiorneremo l’integrazione con Zapier una volta che l’aggiornamento all’API e’ stato rilasciato. Dovrebbe essere una questione di qualche settimana. Per aggiornamenti, ti consiglio di iscriverti alla newsletter di MailUp.