Updated API for email marketing: MailUp REST API v1.1

28 October 2013

 Built-in filtering, ordering and paging

Developers dealing with email stuff… the MailUp REST API keeps getting better!

Our objective is to provide one of the very best APIs for email marketing out there and we’re working hard to do just that!

We recently took the BETA label off of version 1.1 of our REST API. Here’s what’s new:

  • Built-in Ordering: with the new release it is now possible to specify complex ordering filters on multiple fields and – if needed – different sorting directions (ex. order by=” id, category-id desc; title asc ”)
  • Built-in Filtering: a new complex query parser has been added to allow you to filter collections “as you wish” (ex. filter by=” [idColor==’Blue’ || idColor.Contains(‘Azure’)] && [id <= 30 && id != 10] ”)
  • Built-in Pagination: all the HTTP GET requests that return a collection of items now feature a total counter and pagination info alongside with the Items collection itself (default page size = 20).
  • Entire Collection: if you want the entire collection you now have to setup a particular value for pageSize or pageNumber.

The MailUp REST API uses OAuth 2 for authentication and authorization.

More information on the MailUp REST API v1.1 >


SMTP relay and other developer-friendly features

And don’t forget that you can use MailUp for transactional emails too, leveraging our built-in SMTP relay service, which is included in all MailUp subscriptions at no extra charge. So, as a developer, you have access to:

  • A strong REST API for campaign management and other email marketing / list management tasks
  • An SMTP relay channel for transactional emails
  • Web hooks from within MailUp for quasi-real time communication from MailUp back to your app
  • A set of ready-to-go integrations with popular applications, including the recent Zapier integration

What else do you need?

Email plays a part in almost any other application. If there are things you need and you don’t see in our developer tools, definitely let us know.

We look forward to helping you build great apps around MailUp.

This article was written by

Massimo Arrigoni

Massimo Arrigoni

As head of products at MailUp, I spend my days (and nights) thinking of new tools that can help marketers get the job done more effectively. In MailUp 9, for instance, we just introduced a new way for our users to collaborate on email campaigns. With beefree.io, we took our drag-n-drop email editor and turned into a stand-alone, embeddable plugin. The objective is to create tangible value, gather feedback, and push real product innovation based on it.

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