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Time for a new generation of newsletter signup forms

Although plenty of research shows that email is the communication tool with the highest ROI, email acquisition is often an after-thought, left to a hard-to-see, generic sign-up form located in some obscure area of a Web site. Why would anyone sign up? In fact, hardly anyone does.

At MailUp we like to bring innovative ideas to this mature email industry, like our unique Pay Per Speed pricing, fashion-inspired email templates, or a Preference Center that doesn’t look like all the other ugly unsubscribe pages that you see every day.

So when you visit now, after you load a few pages, you’ll be presented with a pitch on signing up for our “Email Guru” newsletter that looks a lot cooler than your regular email signup form.

Intelligent newsletter signup form

From newsletter signup to targeted email acquisition

To innovate in email acquisition, we partnered with our friends at Vivocha, a cool startup that’s doing some innovating things in another mature industry: live chat. We thought that the same concepts that are behind being able to show a live chat window at the right time, on the right page, with the right look & feel, would very much apply to email acquisition.

What if an online sports store could easily invite tennis enthusiasts to a tennis-focused newsletter, while pitching golf lovers to a Tips from our Golf Pro weekly bulletin? What if they could present the signup form in a custom-designed window that only displays on certain pages, appears gently on the page after a certain amount of time, and only shows after visitors have seen a certain number of other pages? What if newsletter signup could be turned into targeted, smart email acquisition?

Full control on design and engagement rules

By leveraging the Vivocha system, MailUp users will enjoy access to a set of administration tools that provide full control on the design of the modal window (HTML and CSS)…

Style the newsletter signup modal window with CSS

…and easy access to defining the business rules that control when that modal window will be shown.

Define the engagement rules for newsletter signup

We’re just getting started

Really, we’re just at the beginning stages of this project.

What you can do today:

  • You can contact us and tell us that you’re interested in checking this out
  • We will work with you to create one or more email signup widgets in Vivocha
  • Some hand-holding will be necessary (e.g. to make the widget communicate with your MailUp account)
  • To change the widget, you will need to know HTML and CSS

What you will be able to do tomorrow:

  • Create widgets on your own and easily connected them to your MailUp account
  • Change the style and custom fields shown on the form, even without knowing HTML and CSS
  • Apply even more engagement rules

So, let’s call this an Alpha release… or a prototype.

Interested in checking it out? Come see us at Booth 304 at Ad:Tech New York this week, or contact us.

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    Unfortunately there have been some delays in the development of the integration with Vivocha, but we can certainly try to assist you. The integration with Padiact is up and running and should fill your needs. Please see: