We are excited to announce version 2.6 of the MailUp Extension for Magento, and to spend some time with customers and partners in the Magento community at the Imagine 2014 conference in Las Vegas, NV. Version 2.6 of the MailUp Extension for Magento includes several new features and improvements, and will be available starting Wednesday, May 14, 2014.


Map Magento Customer Attributes into MailUp Custom Fields

The most important new feature in v2.6 is the ability for merchants to map Magento Customer Attributes into custom fields in MailUp.

This feature allows you to map any custom field that you have in Magento such as your customers’ preferred sport, and then use that information in MailUp for segmentation, targeted mailings, and content-specific triggered messages. You can now easily map the two fields in the Settings section of the MailUp Extension.

Map Magento Customer Attributes into MailUp Custom Fields

Once custom attributes have been mapped to specific recipient fields in MailUp, the information that they contain will be transferred to MailUp automatically from Magento whenever a data sync occurs. Users of the MailUp Extension for Magento can transfer data to MailUp:

  •  Automatically, on a set schedule (e.g. every 6 hours)
  • Manually, using the segment & sync customers feature

Map custom customer attributes for email


The MailUp Extension for Magento allows merchants to map a number of customer fields in Magento to recipient fields in their MailUp account. From customer profile fields such as email, name, etc. to order-specific information such as latest order date, latest order amount, total ordered in the last 12 months, etc.

In order to make the setup phase even faster, the MailUp Extension now automatically maps customer attributes that are typically found in Magento with custom fields that are normally found in MailUp. The mappings are then used when data is moved from Magento to MailUp.

Order Status Selection

Merchants can now select which order statuses should be used to determine whether an order should be counted as a purchase in terms of the interaction between Magento and MailUp. The “Segment and Sync” customer feature, for example, allows the merchant to segment customers in Magento based on purchase activity, and then push them to MailUp with a couple of clicks to run a targeted campaign in MailUp: merchants can now more precisely indicate which orders should be included, based on order status.

The same applies to the formulas used to calculate order totals that are transferred to MailUp (i.e. total ordered last 30 days, total ordered last 12 months).

Magento order status selection

Data Sync Time

The MailUp Extension allows merchants to set when automated data syncs should occur (e.g. daily, every 12 hours, every 6 hours, etc.). Merchants however did not know exactly “when” these sync jobs would occur (e.g. daily, but at what time?). The extension uses the server time as a starting point (e.g. daily means at 12:00am based on the server time). Merchants can now see what the server time is set to, and introduce an offset if they wish to do so (e.g. execute daily sync 6 hours after 12am ET).

Fixes and Improvements

We fixed an issue in the “Segment and Sync” customers feature, which was returning incorrect results in some queries that used product categories. We also made a number of small other code fixes and improvements.

Version Compatibility

The MailUp Extension is compatible with all the latest versions of Magento Community and Enterprise (for details on version compatibility, please see Magento Connect).

Let’s talk at Imagine 2014!

Do you want to know more about current and future plans for the MailUp Extension for Magento? Let’s talk at Imagine 2014. Massimo Arrigoni from MailUp’s San Francisco office will be attending the conference, and looks forward to speaking with you. If you’re not attending Imagine, just drop us a note to request a demo.

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