MailUp at DrupalCon Austin 2014

28 May 2014

We’re very excited to attend DrupalCon 2014, which will be held next week June 2-6, 2014 in Austin, Texas. We’ll be at the Commerce Village with our Drupal partner Commerce Guys.

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Introducing the MailUp module for Drupal Commerce

At DrupalCon we’ll be announcing the MailUp module for Drupal Commerce, which was has been developed in partnership with Commerce Guys, creators of Drupal Commerce and the leading eCommerce company working with Drupal.

As MailUp Inc’s CEO, Massimo Arrigoni commented in yesterday’s Commerce Guys’ press release:

“Email is such a fundamental piece of the eCommerce equation: from inboxing transactional messages to handling abandoned shopping carts and growing sales through automated email campaigns, a well-integrated email solution can really make the difference in the success of an eCommerce store. MailUp for Drupal Commerce has precisely that goal: to make Drupal Commerce merchants more successful by giving them new, powerful email tools.”

Stay tuned for an extensive overview of the MailUp module for Drupal Commerce in the next few weeks.

For now, join us next week at DrupalCon in Austin, TX!

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Sergio Mandrone

Sergio Mandrone

Sergio is Associate Product Marketing Manager at MailUp in the San Francisco office. With 5 years of digital marketing experience, he writes for the MailUp blog, manages the Email Design Workshop blog, and is currently working with the MailUp BEE team to grow the line of BEE products.

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