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Today, we published version 2.7 of the MailUp email extension for Magento on Magento Connect: be sure to update your installation through your Magento Connect Manager!

Version 2.7 includes new features and improvements in both the Settings & Field Mapping and Sync/Segment Customers tabs, allowing you to:

  • Test that your MailUp account is successfully connected with your Magento store
  • Choose your default MailUp group for better channel attribution
  • Segment non opted-in customers to let them know about changes in your email communications or your new email programs. This, of course, by following email marketing best practices: view scenarios below
  • Choose the subscription confirmation/opt-in email message that will be sent to them

Let’s look at a few of these new features in more detail.

Test that your MailUp account is successfully connected & choose your default MailUp group

You’ll notice that we’ve improved the Settings & Field Mapping tab for a better user experience. It’s now much easier to test that your MailUp account is successfully connected to your Magento store thanks to the Test Connection button, which checks that the admin URL and API credentials you entered are in fact correct.

In addition, we have added the new Default Group setting that allows you to group automatically all your recipients from Magento into a MailUp group of your choosing for better channel attribution. In fact, you may have different channel sources (e.g. online store, search, social media, retail store, trade shows, etc.) through which you acquire new subscribers. Through the MailUp Default Group setting you can now know instantly how many email subscribers originated from your Magento store.

Segment non opted-in customers, following email marketing best practices!

As e-commerce marketers know well, emailing your customers is one of the most effective marketing channels, as your mailing list is one of your most valuable marketing assets. We’ve added a simple, yet very powerful, new segmentation option in the Sync/Segment Customers tab: to segment non opted-in customers so that they can be contacted through an opt-in confirmation email to subscribe to your new or updated email marketing programs.

Following email marketing best practices, let’s look at 3 common scenarios that at one point or another you – as a merchant – may have encountered and perhaps want an answer to!

  • “In my Magento online store checkout page, I never really had an option to ask my customers to subscribe to my email communications and promotions.”
    As you can see below, the MailUp extension  allows you to enable an email subscription/sign-up checkbox at checkout. If you don’t currently have customers as subscribers, you can use the non opted-in customers segment tool to group those recipients, import them into MailUp as pending subscribers, and ask them if they wish to subscribe to your emails through a subscription confirmation message.


  • “I’m going to start a new email program with new promotions and offers. How can I inform my customers?”
    Following email marketing best practices, you can let your current mailing list and customers know about your new email program and ask if they are interested in subscribing. This can be done by using the segmentation options in the Sync/Segment Customers tab, and taking advantage of the aforementioned subscription confirmation/opt-in email message ID feature in the section above.
  • “I’m about to ramp-up my email marketing efforts and haven’t kept subscriber preferences up-to-date. What should I do?”
    A good piece of advice is to segment your recipients and send a subscription confirmation email (similar to scenario 2). This will also keep your mailing list engaged, clean, and free of bounces for your upcoming emailing.

Choose your subscription confirmation/opt-in email message ID

You can now choose which email message will be used as the confirmation to subscribe (i.e. opt-in) when segmenting your recipients as described in the scenarios above. On step two of the  Sync/Segment Customers feature, simply insert the email message ID from your MailUp list of emails into the corresponding field. In the example below, it’s message ID 158.

When you import these recipients in MailUp, the email message will be already prepared and ready to be sent in your MailUp sending queue. For more details, please view our help documentation.

Additional Resources

Be sure to log-in to your Magento Connect Manager and update your MailUp extension with version 2.7!

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