Looking to collect more email leads on your website? Add an email sign-up pop-up!

Why? Because adding a simple email pop-up on your website is one of the most effective email lead generation tactics. In fact, you can expect a 5 to 7 times increase in email subscribers through an email sign-up pop-up compared to static sign-up forms on your website. And, that’s why MailUp is now integrated with PadiAct, a powerful online tool that allows you to target your website visitors and show them email sign-up pop-ups.

PadiAct Integration with MailUp

logo_padiactThe PadiAct integration with MailUp sends in real-time your email subscribers, collected through your email sign-up pop-ups via PadiAct,  directly into your MailUp email marketing account. As you can see below, you can specify which MailUp List and Group you want those subscribers to be placed in, so that you know exactly how many subscribers originated from your pop-up sign-up forms. You can also choose which (and how many) fields your email pop-up is to show. For example, you can choose to display the first name and email fields.

The Email Pop-Up: Targeting Rules and Best Practices

The PadiAct behavioral targeting engine provides you an extensive array of targeting rules to choose from, such as to target people who are new visitors, have visited at least 3 pages on your website, that spend more than 30 seconds on your website, and many more.

At this point you might be asking yourself “What are some email lead generation best practices for email pop-ups?” Quite frankly the best advice is to test what works for you, and as PadiAct learned from collecting over 3 million leads, “not all people are interested in your brand and/or your offer, so why engage with all visitors, when you can target and convince your most valuable visitors: the ones that actively engage with your content and website.” Hence, try to understand who your most valuable visitors are for your business and develop a testing culture and figure out what makes sense for your business and your marketing objectives. The data you gather will be much more valuable than anybody’s opinion!

The Email Pop-Up: How does it look?

Padiact has 3 default templates to choose from. Here’s an example from one of our customers, BAIA – Business Association Italy America, showing the “Good Old Mail” bottom slider template. Notice that you can change all the text of the Pop-up, including the call-to-action button.

Add an email sign-up pop-up on your website for email lead generation

Next Steps: Try it out and improve your email lead generation efforts!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact us!

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