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This week we’re introducing the MailUp 8.6.4 release with improvements in dynamic content, email templates, user permissions, and access to online help articles. This new release will be applied automatically to your current MailUp account, so no action on your part is required. Let’s look at v8.6.4 in more detail.

Improvements to Dynamic Content

MailUp includes an advanced feature that allows you to dynamically include RSS feeds into an email (e.g. latest articles from a blog, latest products, etc.). It also includes a New from RSS feature that allows you to manually insert RSS content into a message. When you use Dynamic content, items from the RSS feed are added automatically. With version 8.6.4 we introduced much control on:

  • Which items from the feed are added to the message (Only the title? Title & date/time? Title, date/time & image? Etc.)
  • How they are displayed in the message… as a bullet list, an HTML table?

To create a new instance of Dynamic Content from RSS, navigate to¬†Marketing+ > Dynamic content (the link was moved into the¬†Marketing+¬†menu as it’s a more advanced feature, like the other ones under that menu).

You will notice that you now have full control of the feed display template by editing the HTML that will be used to display the content. For example, you can decide to use an HTML table to organize the feed content.

A number of RSS tags such as ##TITLE## and ##MEDIACONTENT## can be used to pick which items from the feed you would like to use, and where to display them. For example, in the example below, we’ve taken the TechCrunch RSS feed and customized the HTML (shown above) so that the each feed item’s image is shown on the left, while title, date & time are shown on the right.

Visit the MailUp User Guide to learn more on dynamic content and see a list of the RSS tags that you can use.

New Email Templates and Location

We’ve moved the email templates section to Messages > Email > Templates for easier and quicker access. We also reorganized the page so that you have access to both templates created with the traditional WYSIWYG editor and those created with¬†the new BEE¬†drag-&-drop¬†email editor. We’ve also added new,¬†rich templates¬†to the ones available with the BEE editor, which help you start with a complete design, fully editable.

Easier User Permission Management

Under Settings > Account settings > User permissions, we’ve updated the user permissions section, for an easier management of user access to various features. As you know, in MailUp you can restrict access to both specific Lists and specific features. Controlling access to features is now more intuitive.

New: Search for Answers Directly in the Help Tab

Have a question? We’ve added a Find a solution section in the¬†Help tab for a faster and easier way to find the answer you are looking for. The search feature, powered by Google Custom Search Engine, looks for the best results across a variety of MailUp properties¬†(User Guide, Web site, MailUp blog, API documentation, etc.).

Full v8.6.4 Changelog

For more information on all the improvements, new features, and bug fixes, view the MailUp 8.6.4 changelog and let us know any feedback in the comments below.

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