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Looking to build your emailing list on Facebook? Adding an email sign-up form on your Facebook pages is a great start! With the new MailUp App for Facebook – currently in BETA – you can now quickly build and publish email sign-up forms shown as a tab on your Facebook pages. And, each new subscriber will be found in your MailUp list (or group), automatically.

MailUp App for Facebook

Why a Facebook App?

As you may have tried yourself, adding an email sign-up form on a Facebook page can be¬†a complex and inefficient process. Thanks to the¬†MailUp App for Facebook, it becomes¬†easy as pie and can be done in just a few clicks. Connect your MailUp account, pick the fields to show, configure a few extra settings, … and you’re done!

Why should you add an email signup form on your Facebook page? Successful marketers are constantly looking for new ways to build their emailing list by leveraging¬†their web and social properties, including Facebook. And, in quantitative terms, they say an email address can be worth as much as 5,000 fan likes from your Facebook page (that’s what one of customers recently calculated!) This is why having an email sign-up tab on your Facebook page can be very beneficial to your marketing ROI.

Key features of the MailUp App for Facebook

A fully customizable form builder

The form builder in the MailUp App gives you a high degree of customization in building your email sign-up forms, without the need of any coding knowledge. To name a few, you can:

  • Add images: Personalize your form with your logo, header and background images.
  • Customize subscriber fields and specify field types: Use any of the custom fields that you have set up in MailUp (e.g.¬†name, birthday, country, or phone number) and specify if they’ll be shown as radio buttons, check boxes, a drop-down menu, text, or as a date field.
  • Include groups: Use¬†groups (from your MailUp list under Recipients > Manage Groups) to collect additional preferences from your subscribers, such as if they’re interested in Skiing or Snowboarding. This allows you to segment and send more personalized content to your audience. You can also use hidden groups for automatic segmentation (e.g. new subscribers automatically added to the “Signed up on Facebook” group).
  • Add a privacy check-box to comply with local consumer privacy regulations.


The MailUp App for Facebook is available in 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. This applies to the form builder, as shown below.

Notice that the customer-facing side can be translated into any language, since you have access to editing any of the text strings used in the form.

Double opt-in sign-up forms

The sign-up forms published via the MailUp App for Facebook are all double opt-in (i.e. your subscribers have to confirm their subscription via a confirmation email). This is an email marketing best practice. It ensures that the email addresses you collect are valid and that they were indeed submitted by those that filled out the form, which result in fewer bounces and spam complaints.

Multiple Facebook pages

If you’re a Facebook admin who manages multiple Facebook pages, you can use the MailUp App for Facebook to connect each Facebook page you own with a different MailUp list within the same MailUp account, or to a completely different MailUp account.

Installing and setting up the MailUp App for Facebook

The MailUp App for Facebook can be found on

Please consult the MailUp Integrations Guide to view the step-by-step guide on how to install and setup the MailUp App for Facebook on

Please note that you need to have a MailUp account to use the MailUp App for Facebook. If you don’t have a MailUp account, you can sign-up for a 30-day free trial.

Comments? Questions?

Let us know if you have questions or any feedback on how to improve the MailUp App for Facebook!

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