MailUp joins the Certified Senders Alliance

27 March 2015

We’re excited to announce that MailUp has become a certified ESP and is now part of the Certified Senders Alliance in an effort to help fight against email spam and promote quality email marketing.

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), established by eco e.V. and the German Dialogue Marketing Association, is one of the most reputable whitelists in Europe with a list of well-known ISPs such as Yahoo!, AOL, Cloudmark and bulk mailers, including commercial email service providers (ESPs).

Benefits of a CSA certification

Becoming CSA certified includes a number of advantages for us as an ESP, which also benefit our customers. These advantages include:

  • Efficient email delivery: As stated on the CSA website: “server spam filters are usually not activated and filtering that prevents the delivery of mails from listed bulk mailers can only be regulated by the individual user settings. This approach saves resources both for Internet service providers and for bulk mailers.”
  • Highest quality criteria: Certification ensures legal conformity of email marketing, along with a transparent and standardized process.
  • One-stop-shop for complaint management: The CSA maintains a central complaints hotline and senders receive immediate notifications of violations. In the case of problems, the CSA functions as an interface to the ISPs.

Our fight against email spam

Since the beginning and for more than 10 years in the email marketing industry, we’ve adopted and complied with permission marketing best practices. For our dedicated deliverability team the recent CSA certification is an addition to our continued approach in fighting against unsolicited email spam, promoting quality email marketing, and establishing a good relationship with ISPs. And, our MailUp customers will benefit of the enhanced deliverability brought on by the CSA certification.

About the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA)

Eco – Association of the German Internet Industry operates the Certified Senders Alliance, the central positive list for mass e-mail senders, in co-operation with the DDV – German Dialogue Marketing Association.

A CSA certification prevents the erroneous, server-sided spam labeling of mass e-mails through the receiving ISPs (such as GMX,, etc.). Unwanted ‘False Positives’ are avoided and the wanted e-mails reliably arrive in the recipient’s inbox.

A standardized and transparent entry procedure is in place which also forms the leading standard regarding technical and legal aspects for e-mail distribution. Therefore, the CSA certificate represents legality and quality in e-mail marketing.

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This article was written by

Alberto Miscia

Alberto Miscia

I have been working in the email marketing industry for over 10 years. I love numbers, figuring out what they tell us and – even more – what they don't. This led me towards a natural development in the field of Email Deliverability, an area with few certainties but where one thing is sure: the email will reach its destination if the recipient wants to receive it and finds it relevant. My ambition is to ensure that there are more and more recipients who want to receive emails sent by MailUp customers and that these recipients get them in their inbox.

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