We’re excited to introduce the new MailUp 8.8 release! Your MailUp account will be updated to version 8.8 automatically starting on February 26, 2015 until March 5, 2015 for all customers. Let’s look at a number of new features and improvements in MailUp 8.8:

A new way to search & segment subscribers

Finding and segmenting your email and SMS subscribers is now really easy to do! We’ve completely redesigned the search sections under Recipients > Channels > Email and SMS. The new search features allow you to more quickly add conditions to your search, such as including groups and applying filters. I’m sure you’ll notice a big improvement in your productivity when performing a search! Here’s one example of the new search section:

Subscriber search in MailUp 8.8

For those of you who want to perform an advanced search, you can still use the Boolean operators All (i.e. AND) and One (i.e. OR) when applying filters. In this example, I’ve chosen to search for subscribers who have opened my emails on their mobile device and match one of the following three filters: Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone.

Applying device segmentation filters in subscriber search in MailUp 8.8

A fast way to test, edit, and apply filters

How do you test that your filter is working? With MailUp 8.8. we’ve made it possible to test, edit, and apply filters very quickly. This applies to all the subscriber segmentation filters (e.g. profile, email activity, geolocation, device) under Marketing+ > Filters.

Test, apply, and edit filters in MailUp 8.8

For example, you can test that your email activity filter was setup correctly by testing it at the bottom of the edit filter page. For more information on filters please view the MailUp User Guide.

Hour-based conditions added to filters

You can now create profile and activity filters that are based on hourly conditions, which is great for triggered emails. This means that you can now more effectively run time-sensitive, automated email campaigns, such as a shopping cart abandonment email series. This is made possible by the addition of:

  • Support in filters for the international standard date format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD
  • The Plus N hours equal to now condition for profile filters (e.g. “cart abandonment time plus 3 hours is now”)
  • The Last N hours and Exactly N hours ago conditions in email activity filters (e.g. “3 hours after the Welcome email was opened”)

Example: Shopping cart abandonment email campaign

Let’s look at an example of a shopping cart abandonment email campaign. Here’s the scenario: I want to send an email after 3 hours of an abandoned cart from my online store. And, if the customers has not yet completed the order, I want to send a second email 24 hours after the cart was abandoned.

Shopping cart abandonment email campaign example

The campaign setup in MailUp looks like this:

  • A profile filter that checks to see if “now” is 3 hours after the cart abandonment date/time.
  • A triggered message that leverages this first filter
  • A profile filter that checks to see if “now” is 24 hours after the cart abandonment date/time
  • A triggered message that leverages this second filter

For more information on hourly conditions please view the MailUp User Guide on hourly conditions, which also contains a step-by-step guide on how to run a shopping cart abandonment email campaign.

Welcome email automation: Send latest newsletter to new subscribers!

We’ve also added a useful feature that allows you to automatically send your latest newsletter to your new subscribers. This can be done under List settings > Preferences > Subscription.

Welcome email automation: send your latest newsletter to new subscribers in MailUp 8.8

You can in fact specify the conditions for the system to select your latest newsletter and – once this feature is ON – your new subscribers will receive it as soon as they sign-up.

Additional features and improvements

In addition to the main features that we looked at in this blog post, please consult the MailUp 8.8 change log for the full list of features and improvements.

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