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Email Marketing Tips for Salone del Mobile Milano 2015

This Week in Milan: Salone del Mobile 2015

It’s an exciting and busy week for anyone in the interior design and furnishing sector with Salone del Mobile underway in Milan, Italy from April 14 until April 19, 2015. Last year alone, the Salone del Mobile exhibition showcased more than 2,500 of the most dynamic and creative interior design firms operating on the international market and attracted over 300,000 visitors, more than 60% of whom from 160 countries around the world.

Exhibiting at the Salone del Mobile is a great way to promote your company and products and to connect with your customers. Along the way, you’ll want to have an event marketing strategy in place to maximize your reach at the trade show. In this blog we’ll present 7 tips for the 7 days of the exhibition. From the days before the event all the way through the end of the week and even post-event (during Fuorisalone), we’ll be looking at 7 effective marketing tactics, most of which will be focused around email marketing.

Before the Exhibition

#1) Get your message out!

A simple way to communicate that you’ll be exhibiting at the Salone del Mobile 2015 is to send out an email newsletter. Be sure to include the following info:

  • Your exhibitor/booth number and location.
  • Which products will be displayed at the exhibition.
  • Date and time of any events you’ll be speaking at (or attending).
  • Your social media accounts where people can follow you, especially twitter for real-time updates and any hashtags. The official hashtag for Salone del Mobile is #iSaloni. Two other popular hashtags you can follow are #SaloneDelMobile and #MilanDesignWeek.

Here’s a nice example of a newsletter from, a leading Italian interior design firm, announcing their participation at Salone del Mobile 2015. Notice that they’re using the MailUp BEE drag and drop email editor to create their newsletter. If you’re looking for some email design inspiration, check out our email design trends blog post!

#2) Personalize your email!

A more personalized email works much better! By this we mean not only by including dynamic fields, such as the first name field, but also segmenting subscribers from your mailing list. Remember that you can insert dynamic fields in the subject line of your email.

#3) Be social!

In addition to email, post on your social media properties (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) to promote your event participation even further! Remember, not all of your contacts or customers may be subscribed to your mailing list but may instead follow you on social media.

Broadcasting your participation on social media is just as important and can provide you with added visibility and engagement from your audience. As a marketing tactic, this can be seen as an opportunity to convert social media visitors into email subscribers. You can, for example, ask visitors to fill-up a sign-up form (created with the MailUp sign-up form builder) to receive exclusive news of a new product you’ll be launching.

Specific to Facebook, another tactic to convert likes into subscribers is to include a sign-up form on your Facebook page via the MailUp App for Facebook.

Here’s a nice example from HOME di Ziani Marco with the sign-up form on Facebook (below). The sign-up form is in Russian and reads “Are you an architect or designer? Do you make regular collections of furniture for your projects? Subscribe to our Architecture Newsletter, and we’ll send you a monthly offers from our factories!”.

 #4) Provide incentives!

Offering an incentive has many benefits. It can draw your customer closer to a sale (in the case of a discount) or provide a sense of exclusivity (e.g “just for you” offers). As a retailer, you can create a barcode coupon created in MailUp that your customers can use. If you’re interested, this is what OVS, one of Italy’s biggest department stores, implemented with MailUp: read the case study.

#5) Create a video!

Looking to engage with your audience? Create a video! As a suggestion, you should have a few product-focused videos. Another idea is to create a video blog (i.e. vlog) at your booth during the exhibition. And, be sure to share your videos! Videos can be posted on social media and included in your emails (here’s our video in email guide).

After the Exhibition

#6) Follow-up!

Be sure to follow-up with all the people you met after the exhibition! You wouldn’t want any sales to turn cold. As a suggestion, you can send everyone you met the pictures (and video) you took during the Salone del Mobile, along with a thank you note (e.g. thanks for attending my booth). This can also be a great opportunity to collect any feedback for your market research.

#7 Follow-up again! …via marketing automation

Let the marketing automation do the work for you! Setup a tailored, triggered email campaign a few weeks after the exhibition. Leverage the feedback you have collected from the attendees and come up with two or three different messages. For example, offer a discount on the products your attendees really liked, or provide a bundle offer. Learn more on MailUp’s marketing automation features.

Give MailUp a Try!

Hope you’ll be trying out a few our tips for your event marketing strategy this week during Salone del Mobile 2015. Let us know in the comments! And, if your looking for an email marketing platform sign-up for a MailUp free trial!

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