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With the new MailUp 8.8.1 release we’ve improved the email testing and optimization tools in the MailUp platform. You’ll be seeing these improvements in your MailUp account starting the week of April 20, 2015.

As email testing and optimization plays a big part in the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns, this is an area on which we have invested and will continue to invest. In MailUp 8.8.1, we’ve added the ability to:

  • Schedule email A/B tests
  • Preview and check your email messages in the redesigned Checkup section

Let’s look at these two new improvements in more detail.

Scheduling email A/B tests

Running an email A/B test is a simple, yet widely-used and effective way to test your marketing hypotheses, such as which subject line or promotional discount will perform better than another.

Tools to run A/B tests have been part of MailUp for quite some time, but version 8.8.1 introduces an important enhancement: you can now schedule your A/B tests to run in the future. This means, for example, that you can schedule your A/B test to start at 9.00 am on a certain date. You can do so using the tools now available in the Test message scheduling section (left-hand side) of the new A/B test scheduling screen:


The Winner message scheduling section (right-hand side, above) allows you to then define the period of time after which the winner should be selected and sent. This is based on the setting you selected at the start of the new A/B test campaign (below), and can be reviewed and edited on this screen. For example, if you want to run your A/B testing campaign by itself, fully in automation, you can set up the system to select and send the winning email message 5 hours after the test mailings were completed. The winner is selected based on either the best Open rate or the best Click-though rate.


Alternatively, you can pick the winner manually. This is useful when the information based on which the winner should be picked is not in MailUp. For example, how many recipients signed up for a certain offer, completed a survey, ordered a certain product, etc. In that scenario the A/B Test scheduling screen will not ask you to select when to send the winning message, as you will do so on your own.


For more information on email A/B testing, please view the MailUp User Guide on A/B tests.

Inbox previews, link validation, and spam check in the new Checkup section

We’ve redesigned the Checkup section for much easier access to the many email testing tools that it contains, especially message Previews, Link check, and Spam check. More enhancements will become available in future versions of MailUp, especially in the Spam check and Code review area. Here’s a brief explanation of what’s changed so far:

  • The Summary tab has been redesigned, and improved. In addition to presenting general information on your email message in a more clear way, it performs some new health checks. For example, if your message contains attachments (yes, MailUp supports attachments), but one of the files is missing (e.g. a PDF was uploaded, but then removed by mistake), the system will now notify you.

MailUp message checkup - attachments

  • The Previews tab allows you to run and see actual inbox previews from desktop, web, and mobile clients (such as Android and iPhone). You can run a Quick preview with a few email clients, or a Full preview that contains dozens of them. You can also use the Web preview to view a quick preview of the message directly in your browser and test features such as dynamic content.

MailUp checkup feature - Message previews

  • The Link check tab (below) allows you to run a Web link and image link validation and reputation check. This means, for example, that if one of the URL links in your email is invalid or, even worse, has a bad reputation (e.g. the domain is grey- or black-listed), the tool will point out the problem. Since the deliverability of your email can be negatively affected by the existence of a URL to a blacklisted domain, the system will ask you to remove the bad URL link (if it’s your domain that has a problem you should check with your IT department). It’s not uncommon to inadvertently include a blacklisted URL. For example, URL shorteners such as, can create deliverability issues.

MailUp Checkup feature - Link check

  • The Spam check tab is another useful tool to use before sending your email campaign. It scores your email based on SpamAssassin, one of the leading anti-spam platforms, and can provide you with actionable, technical tips if your email has any red flags or a high spam score (the lower your score, the better!). This is also an area that we will expand on in future MailUp releases, providing more detailed information on potential inboxing issues with specific email providers. Stay tuned!

For more information on the Checkup tab, please view the MailUp User Guide on the Checkup section.

Other improvements

Other notable improvements in MailUp 8.8.1 include…

  • New features and better performance in our SMTP relay service
  • New methods and improved performance in the MailUp REST API
  • A new sender verification system for SMS campaigns
  • Many visual and performance improvements throughout the system
  • And more…

For a detailed list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please see the change log.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below. Thanks!

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