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We’re happy to announce a new version of the BEE email editor on – our free, online drag-&-drop email builder – that hundreds of thousands of email designers have used in the last months to create beautiful, responsive emails! Today, we’re also announcing that the BEE email editor software can now be embedded into your own software application via the BEE Plugin. Let’s go over these two big announcements in more detail.

The BEE email editor: version 2

BEE Plugin: Embedding the BEE email editor software

Due to high demand from software developers and software vendors alike, our BEE email editor software is now embeddable into your own software application through the BEE Plugin. The BEE Plugin is a JavaScript web widget that allows software developers to embed the BEE email editor into your own software application.

Thanks to the BEE Plugin, any CRM, CMS, E-commerce, or other application that sends emails can now offer its users the BEE email builder to design great looking responsive emails, without the need to invest into the development of such a feature. Please note that the BEE Plugin is currently in BETA.

Video Recap: BEE v2 and the BEE Plugin

Watch Massimo Arrigoni, MailUp’s Chief Product Officer, introducing BEE v2 and the BEE Plugin:

A new version of the Best Email Editor (BEE) is here!

With more than 30,000 active users per month, the free version of the BEE email editor on has become one of the most popular email design tools since its launch in October 2014. The BEE email builder allows anyone to design stunning, fully responsive emails without the need of any HTML or CSS coding knowledge.

Continuing on our mission to create one of the best email editors around (that’s what BEE stands for), we took user feedback and worked on a new version. The result is BEE v2, rewritten from the ground up for better performance, and to allow designers to employ a more flexible template structure and customization.

Advanced padding settings in the BEE email editor

The new version introduces an array of new features for advanced email design and customization, including:

Control at the row level

Different horizontal sections of the message can now use a different background, for example. And each row can be 100% wide, which is a design pattern that’s been very popular lately in email design.

Control at the column level

Different vertical sections of the message can now enjoy dedicated settings, such as borders, padding. etc.

Granular control on padding

You can now control padding for each of the 4 sides of a content element. Here is a short video tutorial on this feature.

Granular control on borders

You can now control border width, style, and color for each of the 4 sides of a content element. Here is a short video tutorial on this feature.

Default settings at the message level

Several new message-level settings have been introduced, and are inherited by all other content items. For example, you can now set the font family at the message level and use it automatically everywhere.

Color memory

BEE now learns which colors you are using in the message, and gives you quick access to them when you pick the color for a new element.

Much more

There are many other new features in BEE v2, including more control on social media icons… and much more!

Visit to try the new version of the BEE email editor and see how easy it is to design beautiful, mobile-ready emails.

And check out our email design tips and practical workshops that use the BEE editor on our new email design blog!

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