Every month the MailUp platform keeps on getting better! This month’s release – MailUp 8.8.2 – extends the functionality of subscriber search (introduced in MailUp 8.8) into the sending phase of your email campaign through the new email sending wizard and into the group management section. The result is a much easier and faster way of managing subscribers in groups and at the time of sending. We’ve also introduced SMS sender validation in MailUp 8.8.2 for enhanced security and spam & fraud prevention. Let’s look at these features in more detail.

A New Email Sending Wizard

The new email sending wizard was designed to streamline the sending stage in your email campaign process, guiding you through the input of your sender details, choosing subscribers and groups from your mailing list, and selecting additional email campaign settings (such as applying a filter). You’ll notice the new sending wizard under Email > Send and after proceeding to the email Checkup.

One of the most noteworthy features of the new email sending wizard is the ability to choose your subscribers and groups through these three recipient options: Send to Test group, Choose recipients, and Send to all. Thanks to the flexibility of the recipient search, you can easily setup your sending settings.

Choosing your email campaign sending options

Send to Test group

Sending your email to your Test group is a useful feature when doing a final check on your email campaign and when you have to send the email to a group of people for review or feedback. For reference, the Test group is found under Recipients > Manage groups.

Choose recipients

This feature gives you maximum flexibility in choosing your email campaign list. It loads the recipient search and you can easily select groups, exclude any groups, and apply subscriber segmentation filters. To highlight the power of the recipient search in the sending wizard, let’s look at an example of an email campaign below: The recipient search allows me to specify and select only the recipients from the happy hour Aperitivo 2015 group who opened any one of my past 5 emails in the last 30 days.

Send to all

Finally, if you’re sending an email campaign to all of your subscribers in your mailing list, select the Send to all option.

Mange Groups with Recipient search

You’ll notice that managing recipients in groups is now much easier with the recipient search. You can in fact manage your email and SMS recipients through the recipient search by choosing, adding, and removing recipients from groups and into other groups.

When clicking on View email recipients, for example, the recipient search loads and you can now much more easily select individual recipients or select all recipients from the group and assign (i.e. add and/or remove) from one group to another. In this example, I’m moving two email addresses from the Test group into the Website group. I’m sure you’ll notice the improvement when managing group assignments, so do give it a try!

Managing recipients in groups

Recipient management

Better UX… and Better Code

All the changes applied to recipient search and recipient management over the last several releases had two main objectives:

  • Provide a better user experience: MailUp has had powerful subscriber segmentation tools for a while. Now they are a lot easier to use!
  • Streamline our software to become more agile: we rewrote and consolidated a lot of the underlying source code, making it easier to add new features and maintain existing features in the future.

Stay tuned for additional improvements in the next releases with regard to searching and managing your email and SMS contacts in MailUp!

SMS Sender Validation

We’ve added SMS sender validation to help prevent SMS spam and fraud. For MailUp customers in countries where a phone number is used to send SMS text campaigns, the phone number will now have to verified. This applies in particular to countries in Europe, such as Italy, and in Latin America. Please note that this feature does not apply to MailUp customers in countries where a short code is used instead, such as in the US and in Canada. Please refer to our user guide on SMS guidelines in your country.

When creating your SMS marketing campaign, simply enter the phone number and validate it by entering the verification code sent to you from us via text. SMS sender validation ensures that your marketing phone number is kept safe and verified to your MailUp account and that no unauthorized sender can use your phone number, preventing any potential fraudulent activity.

Additional Resources

Please consult the MailUp User Guide for additional information on the new features introduced in MailUp 8.8.2. You can also view the MailUp 8.8.2 changelog for the full list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

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