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It’s an exciting moment for anyone in the Food and Wine industry with the 2015 edition of EXPO underway in Milan until October 31st. Only in the past few weeks the event attracted more than 8 million visitors, mostly tourists and food lovers but also firms operating on the international market.

Expo_SlowFood Pavillion

Easy and cost-effective: that’s email marketing

Email marketing is a great way to promote your company and to connect you with a potentially huge target. According to researchers, email marketing is 20 times more cost-effective than traditional media. Here are some tips to engage leads and customers and to incredibly boost your sales.

Grow your list with Facebook

At the center of every email marketing campaign is a company’s mailing list, which should always be kept up-to-date and clean so the delivery rate remains high. One extra challenge many marketers face is how to effectively build and grow a mailing list. In a professional platform such as MailUp, you’ll find several list building tools  such as a drag & drop form builder, a subscribe button tool, an email sign-up-pop-up integration with PadiAct. Besides them, you can also use plugins (Drupal, Magento and WordPress) to help you collect new subscribers.

Specific to Facebook, another very useful tool to convert likes into subscribers is to include a sign-up form on your Facebook page via the MailUp App for Facebook.

Slow Food Facebook App

Thanks to the MailUp App for Facebook, it becomes easy as pie to quickly build and publish email sign-up forms shown as a tab on your Facebook pages. Here is a very effective example from Slow Food, a global, grassroots non-profit association, linking the pleasure of good food to a commitment to the environment & community.

Use coupon to make your clients feel special

Offering an incentive, such as a discount or a special offer, can draw leads closer to a sale and provide customers a sense of exclusivity. As a retailer, you can send a dynamically generated  barcode  created in MailUp that your customers can use. The e-coupon can be used for all sorts of campaigns, including invitations to restaurants.

Responsive and animated content is the answer

Have you ever counted how many times do you check your mobile in a day? Some studies report people check their device up to 150 times a day – this data makes mobile design impossible to ignore as your email will mostly be read (at least once) on a smartphone. Big images, easy-to-read fonts and clear tappable call-to-actions bottons make content easy to scan.

Also, a responsive template automatically adapting to different screens is a very effective time-saving solution. With MailUp you only need to select the drag & drop editor BEE to create mobile-optimized templates within few minutes.
Here are some  nice examples from Ferrarini, Rana and Peck, Italian leading food firms. Notice they are using the MailUp BEE drag & drop email editor to create responsive messages. If you are looking for some email design inspiration, check out our email design trend blog post!

Looking to engage your targets? Create an animated gif following a script and insert it into your newsletter: subscribers will be more inclined to open and read your message. Once the illustrations are made, you can use a video-editing tool to animate them. Also, if you like to idea to share a video-recipe, you can also add your video to an email. Here you can read some useful tips.

Hungry for more data? Download our infographic!

If you operating in the Food & Wine industry, we suggest you to have a look at our Infographics. And if you are wondering whether email marketing can help your business, just ask for a 30-days-free trial.

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