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Let’s look at what’s new this month in the MailUp platform (version 8.8.4). The new features and improvements covered in this blog post will be available in your MailUp account starting on August 25, 2015.

A quick summary of what’s new

As we showed in our sneak preview earlier this month, a new customer account area is now available directly inside your MailUp control panel, completely redesigned for a faster and more intuitive user experience. We also shortened the time it takes to log in by cutting out a step.

For those of you sending SMS marketing campaigns, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve added a whole new set of features for managing mobile landing pages for SMS marketing campaigns, which include a mobile landing page builder, an SMS hyperlink manager with SMS click tracking, and statistics reports.

In terms of email security, we are now enforcing sender verification for users of our SMTP relay. Senders using SMTP+ must now verify their sending email addresses or domains, with the objective of minimizing any instances of phishing or other unlawful use of a company’s sending domain.

Let’s look at each new feature in more detail.

Mobile landing pages for SMS marketing

Text messaging campaigns can be a terrific digital marketing tool. Now you can make them even more effectively in MailUp by taking advantage of a host of new features.

  • Create, host, and manage mobile landing pages for your SMS campaigns.
  • Easily insert shortened links to them in your text messages.
  • Track those links to better gauge the effectiveness of your SMS marketing

You can now do all of the above with the new text messaging features introduced with MailUp 8.8.4.

A new customer account area

Gone is the customer account area that existed separately from your MailUp admin panel: it’s now all inside MailUp, completely redesigned and accessible with one click. Simply log-in as you normally would and you’re now taken directly into your MailUp control panel, saving one a step. The customer account area – skipped during the log-in process – can now be found by clicking on the shopping cart icon in the top-right navigation menu (if your user permissions allow you access to this area).


You might be asking “Why did we make this (big) change?”. First of all, we wanted you to get to your MailUp control panel directly from the log-in page, saving some extra clicks. Secondly, we took your feedback and reworked the customer account area to provide you with a more intuitive, easy-to-use, and faster way for managing your monthly subscription and billing details.

Other feature changes and improvements

Here is a list of other feature changes and improvements.

  • As mentioned above, we tightened security on our SMTP relay service to minimize any chances of unauthorized users leveraging MailUp to carry out phishing attacks. If you are a user of SMTP+, you should have received another, dedicated email on this topic. If not, contact us.
  • You can now search messages by tag when adding them to an Aggregate report, which makes them easier to find if you use message tagging.
  • The Checkup feature has been improved to check for dynamic tag issues (e.g. incorrect syntax used in a merge tag). Other aspects of the Checkup feature were also updated.
  • The List building tools area has been redesigned, as well as other pages in the system.
  • New APIs are being finalized to allow approved partners to provision and control MailUp accounts remotely (if you are interested in this kind of feature, contact our sales team).
  • Many other small improvements and bug fixes were applied.

For a detailed list of changes, please see the changelog.

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