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20 August 2015

Are you looking to build and manage mobile SMS landing pages? Look no further!

SMS marketing can be a great way to contact your customers and worth considering in your marketing mix, especially if you’re a local business. Let’s look at this quick video overview of the new MailUp SMS marketing features and how Sottocasa Pizzeria – a local pizzeria in New York – can use mobile SMS landing pages, as an example.

The new SMS marketing features we’re introducing today (part of this month’s release) allow you to take your SMS marketing to the next level: build mobile landing pages with our drag-n-drop editor, add tracked URL links of the mobile landing pages you’ve created (and any other links) to your SMS messages, and look back at your SMS campaign performance in our SMS statistics reports.

How’s a mobile SMS landing page used?

How’s a mobile SMS landing page used? For those of you unfamiliar, the best way to explain is with an image! Here’s a typical example of an SMS message, part of an SMS marketing campaign, that contains a link to a mobile landing page:

As a note, with mobile SMS landing pages we’re not referring to a mobile sign-up page; you can separately create a sign-up form using our drag-n-drop sign-up form builder.

A mobile landing page builder for SMS marketing

A generic landing page is no good. Especially for SMS campaigns, you need to build a landing page that you are 100% certain it will be responsive and optimized for mobile viewing. This is why you need a dedicated mobile landing page builder, like the one we’ve created. Let’s take a closer look. The mobile landing page builder can be found under Pages > Landing pages.

15+ Mobile landing page templates available

You have more than 15 mobile landing page templates to choose from and customize to your own SMS campaign needs. After choosing a mobile landing page template you can start working on it in our mobile landing page builder, which is drag-n-drop, as well, very easy to use.

The MailUp landing page editor

Click-to-call: Mobile call-to-actions (CTAs)

Adding mobile-specific call-to-actions (CTAs), such as click-to-call, in your mobile landing page is just another reason why you need a mobile landing page builder for SMS marketing. You know that your contacts are on their smartphone, so why not create highly targeted CTA buttons? Depending on your SMS campaign, you may want to include a make call action button so that your contacts can call you in a single thumb-click or, in other cases, choose the send SMS and show map CTAs.

The mobile call-to-actions

Using mobile landing pages in your SMS campaigns

Once you finish with building your mobile landing page, it’s time to use it in a text message! Be sure to publish your landing page first, and enter any web analytics tracking code (e.g. Google Analytics) using the Custom code field. You can also specify the Title and Description meta tags.

The settings field

Now click on Use in new SMS and MailUp will automatically:

  1. Save the changes to the landing page
  2. Create a shortened link to it
  3. Create a new SMS campaign and paste the shortened link into the message

Complete the message and you’re ready to send the campaign, linked to a mobile-optimized landing page via a shortened link that will be tracked by MailUp.

More on shortened links and link tracking in SMS

Each published landing page has an associated hyperlink that can be included in your SMS. The link is automatically shortened by our custom URL shortener ( when the link is inserted into the message. Similarly to how other URL shortners (such as work, MailUp-shortened links allow you to make a long hyperlink much shorter (great for SMS) and keep track of link clicks.

Notice that you can also add full URLs into the message without shortening them, if you need to. Just type them into the message itself. This can be useful for those companies who prefer to show their domain in the link (e.g. banking industry). Just keep in mind that non-shortened links will not be tracked.


SMS delivery and link click statistics reports

How well did my SMS campaign perform?

Did anyone click on my links?

Knowing the success of your SMS campaign should be one of your top priorities as a marketer. Even better if you can connect your campaign performance to KPIs such as number of phone calls received. The statistics reports under Statistics > SMS  provides you link tracking reports at the campaign and recipient levels (under Clicks) as well as a successful delivery report (under Summary report).

Notice that you have two reports Clicks and Time available. In the Clicks report each doughnut chart is for a dedicated, tracked link.

The statistical report in MailUp

The Time chart is useful to see when recipients clicked. This can be especially useful when trying to understand the best time to send an SMS campaign to your contacts.

The statistical report in MailUp

We hope that these new SMS marketing features will help you take your SMS marketing to the next level. We encourage you to try them out!

This article was written by

Sergio Mandrone

Sergio Mandrone

Sergio is Associate Product Marketing Manager at MailUp in the San Francisco office. With 5 years of digital marketing experience, he writes for the MailUp blog, manages the Email Design Workshop blog, and is currently working with the MailUp BEE team to grow the line of BEE products.

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