MailUp is now SuretyMail certified!

08 September 2015

We’re excited to announce that MailUp is now certified via SuretyMail and part of the whitelist of certified senders and companies. This comes only a few months after our CSA certification and an on-going effort towards promoting quality, permission-based email marketing, which is at the heart of our company belief.


Your deliverability will go up!

On the technical side, the SuretyMail IADB Email Senders Accreditation Program by ISIPP adds certified senders in the SuretyMail database – i.e.  a whitelist – which tells ISPs, spam filters (such as SpamAssassin), and other mail servers that senders in the whitelist are the good senders. For all of you using MailUp, your emails will have an even higher deliverability rate, as ISPs will recognize you as a SuretyMail certified sender.

Establishing a good relationship with ISPs

The SuretyMail certification is one more step towards our continued anti-spam efforts, ensure the highest email reputation and deliverability rates to our customers, and establish a good relationship with ISPs.

SuretyMail not only tells ISPs that our customers are the good senders but also let’s ISPs know what makes our customers good senders! This relationship with ISPs is a great channel to communicate permission and email consent, especially confirmed opt-in. This allows ISPs to understand that our customers’ campaigns are high quality email marketing. Think of your emails having a preferred right of way into the inbox!

Added benefit: transparency

SuretyMail keeps the communication open between certified ESPs, such as MailUp, and ISPs, spam filters, and other mail servers. This added transparency allows ISPs to trust the email traffic from certified senders. And ESPs can better monitor their reputation of sending IP addresses.

We are delighted to welcome MailUp to our SuretyMail certified email family“, commented Anne P. Mitchell, CEO of ISIPP SuretyMail. “MailUp has consistently demonstrated their dedication to not just email best practices, but to making sure that their customers have a superlative email experience.  Their becoming SuretyMail certified is further evidence of their commitment to ensuring that their customers’ email gets to the inbox, and we are pleased to partner with them!

This article was written by

Alberto Miscia

Alberto Miscia

I have been working in the email marketing industry for over 10 years. I love numbers, figuring out what they tell us and – even more – what they don't. This led me towards a natural development in the field of Email Deliverability, an area with few certainties but where one thing is sure: the email will reach its destination if the recipient wants to receive it and finds it relevant. My ambition is to ensure that there are more and more recipients who want to receive emails sent by MailUp customers and that these recipients get them in their inbox.

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