A New BEE Editor in MailUp is Coming Soon!

20 October 2015

A brand-new BEE editor is coming to your MailUp account at the beginning of November, 2015!

As you have heard from us before (e.g. here and here), one of our goals at MailUp has been to build the Best Email Editor available to digital marketers (or BEE in short). BEE v2 takes us a big step closer to this ambitious goal: the editor has been completely redesigned from the ground up. It’s just as fast and easy to use. It’s drag-n-drop and the emails you create are, as always, responsive. But it improves on v1 in many areas:

  • Much more flexibility in designing the structure of the message
  • Granular control on things like padding and border
  • Improved mobile client compatibility

… and MailUp users will also enjoy lots of beautiful new templates!

BEE v2 email editor has redesigned user interface

Coming at the beginning of next month in MailUp 8.9

You might have seen a BETA of new BEE editor while creating an SMS landing page in MailUp (a feature introduced earlier this summer) or, if you are a developer, while looking to embed the BEE editor in your own software application via BEE Plugin. Now BEE v2 is out of BETA and it’s coming to your MailUp account!

It will be introduced with the upcoming MailUp 8.9 release (early November), and you will find it as always under Messages > Email. The new version of the BEE editor will replace the current version. But don’t worry, email messages and templates created with the previous BEE editor will be converted for use with the new version of BEE.

Let’s look at a few of the new features in more detail.

Advanced email design flexibility and granular customization

The biggest difference between the two versions of BEE is the introduction of structures (i.e. modules that you can drag-n-drop that can contain a mix of content blocks). Structures provide much more flexibility and granular customization at both the row and column level. 

Row-level customization

Let’s take row-level customization, for example. Control at the row level allows you to customize each structure with a different design and style of your sections of the email message. For instance, you can change the background color of an entire row of content, which visually separates the top section from the lower portion of your email message by using 100%-width rows with different background colors.


Granular control on padding and borders

Need to customize the padding to 10px top and bottom, but no padding on the side? How about adding a right border? No problem. You have all that granular control and beyond! This applies to all structures and content blocks. Both padding and border settings can be configured for all four sides or separately for each side.

In this example, we see the padding set to 10px right and left for the text block “Caribbean Sea Rose Bay Resort”

Similarly, you can set a border to all sides of your CTA button “BOOK NOW:”

New email templates available

We’ve added dozens of new, professionally designed email templates that you’ll be able to use in your MailUp platform with the new BEE editor. It’s a great selection to choose from!

If you’re wondering if you can use your current email templates created with the previous version of the BEE editor, the answer is yes: those email templates will be converted and will work with the new BEE editor (and a backup of the original will be created just in case of any conversion issues).

Improved mobile client compatibility

Last but not least, we’ve further optimized the HTML code of the emails created with BEE. The emails that you’ll create with the new BEE editor will render even better on mobile, especially on specific mobile clients such as on the Gmail App for Android. So, your emails will now be even more responsive to the device that they are opened on!

Stay tuned!

There’s a lot to be excited about the new BEE editor inside MailUp. So, stay tuned for the upcoming MailUp 8.9 release at the beginning of November.

Let us know in the comments what aspect of the BEE editor you’re most looking forward to! And contact our support team if you have any questions.

This article was written by

Sergio Mandrone

Sergio Mandrone

Sergio is Associate Product Marketing Manager at MailUp in the San Francisco office. With 5 years of digital marketing experience, he writes for the MailUp blog, manages the Email Design Workshop blog, and is currently working with the MailUp BEE team to grow the line of BEE products.

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