New CSA Partner: Kaspersky Lab. Good news for MailUp senders

08 October 2015

Kaspersky Lab is now an official technology partner for the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), since June 2015. The CSA whitelist is used in Kaspersky anti-spam products in order to improve the false-positive rate. For users of the Kaspersky anti-spam products, this means that wanted emails arrive in the inbox, while a stronger anti-spam filter takes care of blocking spam.


What this means for MailUp senders: higher deliverability!

The technology partnership between Kaspersky Lab and the CSA benefits all participants of the CSA whitelist: from ISPs to bulk mailers and email marketing service providers (ESPs), including MailUp which is a certified ESP and part of the CSA.

As a MailUp sender, this partnership will have a positive impact on your email deliverability, especially with your email communications that are sent to recipients that use Kaspersky Lab’s anti-spam products. Kaspersky Lab now uses the CSA whitelist to improve its anti-spam filters and test for false positives. This improved efficiency in the Kaspersky Lab anti-spam filters provides higher deliverability for MailUp senders, as a lower percentage of your emails will be incorrectly marketed as spam from the Kaspersky Lab anti-spam filters.

About Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is the largest private provider of cybersecurity solutions, and can look back at around 18 years of anti-malware expertise. Kaspersky Lab’s technologies protecting 400,000,000 users in more than 200 countries and territories. The security product Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 was awarded Test Winner this year by the magazine ComputerBILD in Germany. Visit:

About the Certified Senders Alliance

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA), established by eco e.V. and the German Dialogue Marketing Association, DDV is one of the most reputable whitelists in Europe, which include ISPs (such as Yahoo!, AOL and Cloudmark), bulk mailers, and commercial email service providers (ESPs). MailUp is a certified ESP and part of the CSA. Visit:

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Andrea Serventi

Andrea Serventi

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