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Say goodbye to paper forms and stacks of business cards! With the new MailUp Jade App you can leverage mobile sign-up forms on your iPad and digitize the way you collect your event contacts and in-store customers.


The MailUp Jade App is currently available for iOS 8.0+ and is a free download from the App Store. You can download it here. You’ll also need to sync the Jade App with your MailUp account. As a quick overview, watch how to build a mobile sign-up form with the Jade App in your iPad:


For installation, how-to’s and technical details, please consult our help guide. In this blog post, let’s go over a few key features of the MailUp Jade App.

Tailor your sign-up forms to each of your MailUp lists

First thing’s first: connect your MailUp account with the Jade App. After doing so, we can create as many sign-up forms as we need, each of which can be connected to a specific MailUp list.

For example, we can have a couple of sign-up forms that we use only for events and are connected to a list in MailUp we have called “Events.”

A more practical example is if we’re a retailer. Think of this scenario: we can have a sign-up that we use only at trade shows connected to a MailUp list that we created called “Trade Show Events” and, at the same time, have another sign-up form that connects to a MailUp list called “In-store” for collecting customers from our store location. This means that we’re able to segment subscribers collected from trade shows and in-store and, as a result, send more personalized and relevant email campaigns.

Create professional and stunning sign-up forms in seconds

It’s easy to create and customize your sign-up form. This is done in Under the Layout tab, you can easily customize the text and upload your logo and any images as a background.

In addition to the basic layout design settings, under the Fields tab, you can customize which fields to include in your sign-up form. These fields are retrieved from your MailUp account and show as soon as you connect and sync the Jade App with your MailUp account.

We can enable which fields we want to include, mark them as required or not, rearrange them in order, and even customize the label and name of each field. This is especially useful when we quickly need to rename a field in the form without doing so in the MailUp platform.

Even more customization!

Two additional features of the Jade App that provide us with an even higher level of form customization are the Groups and Options tabs.

The Groups tab allows us to select one or more group so that subscribers of our form are automatically added in the group(s) that we have organized. This is a powerful segmentation tool.

The Options tab is very important for our permission marketing. It’s an email marketing best practice to choose a confirmed opt-in method. For online privacy laws, each form can include a check box and link to your privacy policy.

Work offline

What happens if there’s no wifi connection available? …or that you want to save on your data plan? No problem. The MailUp Jade App works offline as well! Once you do connect to the internet, the Jade App will sync with your connected MailUp account and automatically import your new contacts from when you were offline.

Give it a try

Bring your iPad with you to your next trade show, exhibition, or conference (or if you’re in retail, at your store) and use the Jade App and let us know how it works!

Download the MailUp Jade App for iOS  and consult our help guide for any troubleshooting.

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