A LatAm Perspective: The Road to Omnichannel Marketing

06 November 2015

As part of the 2015 Tour with the Mailup LatAm team, we recently visited Ecommerce Days in Colombia and Peru. In both exhibitions I was invited to be part of the Omnichannel Marketing Track, with marketing managers from Latin America top Retailers. In that track we spoke about how to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy, where customers have a seamless experience, and both digital and physical worlds start working together as one.

The road to omnichannel

1) Single Channel Marketing

In this early stage there is only one place where customers and sellers are in contact, and that was a physical point of sale.

2) Multi Channel

Years passed, new technologies arrived and new channels were created for both sale and post-sale. But this multi-channel approach works without being connected or integrated. The same customer could be visiting a physical store, calling a contact center or making an online purchase, but the company would see it as three separate clients.

3) Cross Channel

In this stage we see a noticeable improvement: the customer starts being at the center of the strategy, we start to understand him better, we start knowing if the same person is connecting with us in different channels, and we start using those channels in an integrated way to create better communication. In cross channel marketing we start creating a customer journey using the life cycles of our customers and learning how to create better value for them.

4) Omni Channel

This would be the last step, where all channels finally start working seamlessly, digital and physical barriers work together, no matter where a consumer starts their buying experience, switching channels and purchasing in whichever channel they find themselves, having a seamless experience.

The big question: Is my company ready for omnichannel marketing?

Even though a few big companies in LatAm have already adopted an omnichannel marketing strategy, the reality – in my opinion – is that the region is still in an earlier stage of development.

I’ve seen a lot of cases of successful multichannel marketing: retailers manage their physical stores, their website, are active in social networks, but unfortunately most of these retailers haven’t yet integrated their channels, which operate all in their own separate way, and they are only recently starting to think ways of making them work in an integrated way.

Cross Channel

As we previously stated about cross-channel marketing, for us there is only one consumer, it doesn’t matter which channel he prefers. We should take advantage of each channel and strengths to generate real impact for a prospect, turn them into a customer and finally an advocate.

Lets see an example:

Let’s take the MailUp blog: A prospect lands on our blog through our content marketing efforts. We encourage him to connect with us on our social channels and sign-up to our blog updates via email.

When the prospect sings up, he’ll receive an automated drip campaign, which is intended to nurture that prospect,  send him an automated flow of messages in the course of a few weeks, in an effort to move him closer to the sales funnel while at the same time building a relationship with him, understanding his interests. At one point our prospect will be ready to become a client and that’s when we’ll send him an appealing offer.

This is not over with the purchase: we can use the same automated email marketing channel to send him transactional emails on his purchase,  a satisfaction survey a few weeks later, and much more!

The possibilities are many, depending on what your product or service is.

Can MailUp help me with omnichannel marketing?

Yes! MailUp is a powerful digital marketing platform for email marketing, SMS, and social media. Our email channel allows you to create a wide variety of email campaigns: from promotional to automated campaigns.

We also have built-in integrations with the most popular CMS, CRM, and ecommerce platforms. Once you have integrated your channels, you can start building automated emails in a very simple way: one channel can help you trigger an action in the next one. With our powerful filters, intelligent rules, and customized content, you can send the right message to the right person at the perfect time.  And that turns into one thing: Being relevant!

And what about physical and digital worlds working together?

Bringing closer the digital-physical gap is our brand new Jade by MailUp App for iPad, which helps you collect information from your prospects and customers at your physical point of sales, exhibitions and events; even without an internet connection, as you can later sync back all the data collected to your MailUp account.

This article was written by

Guido Boulay

Guido Boulay

New Business Developer LATAM

Guido is responsible for MailUp operation in Latin America, managing our Buenos Aires Office, from where we provide service to the whole Latin American Region. A Business Administration graduate in Buenos Aires University, Guido has more than 10 years of experience in Business Development in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce related companies. He is also founding member of Email & Automation Marketing chapter in AMDIA association, having co-organized initiatives such as Email Summit Argentina and Latam Email Marketing Benchmark report.

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