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Start thinking mobile, that’s the key phrase in 2016 for any multi-channel marketing strategy. It means becoming aware of a constantly growing phenomenon that represents unexplored business opportunities. The data confirm that over the last two years, the smartphone has become shopping’s best friend, a necessary and indispensable touchpoint in the strategies that target consumer relationships and loyalty.

Inside the world of mobile marketing, SMS messages, compared to the use of messages and notifications within applications, consolidate their position and establish themselves as an effective engagement tool. Whether it’s promotional campaigns or service communications, it is estimated that more than 90% of messages are opened. A level of effectiveness hardly reached by other channels. They have become a key strategic tool, thanks to their features and peculiar logic. SMS messages allow you to:

  • reach people at any time. Everyone always has their smartphone with them;
  • send multiple communications that are adaptable to different markets: weekly tips, flash sale, appointment reminders, confirmations or updates on orders, promotion of a new mobile app or event, schedule changes;
  • establish a direct and immediate dialogue with the recipient. Issues related to sending and receiving messages decrease drastically and the distances between a company and the public become null.

Tips for your SMS campaigns

  1. Adopt a friendly, conversational tone. Don’t be scared and set up a dialogue with your recipients;
  2. make yourself known. Make sure the sender’s identity is clear and explicit: nobody likes to receive anonymous messages;
  3. catch attention immediately. Take advantage of the message opening rate with interesting and specific content, get right to it, as you only have 160 characters available;
  4. create clear and unambiguous calls to action. Invite your audience to act with simple and direct requests: register with the site, come into the store, fill out the questionnaire, complete the form;
  5. remember not to overdo it. Too much information, even in the form of a simple SMS, disturbs users, a few targeted and relevant messages are better.

In this scenario of continuous evolution, MailUp is the most reliable tool to send high-quality SMS (gold) messages to hundreds of countries around the world, with no fees or fixed costs. With MailUp:

  • in just a few clicks, create the right SMS for the right recipient, thanks to dynamic fields;
  • enter a landing page dedicated to your products and services, and optimized for mobiles. Creating it only takes a few drag and drop operations, thanks to the integrated editor in the platform;
  • program and send up to 200 SMS per second, safely and efficiently;
  • track the results of your campaigns thanks to detailed statistical reports: contact details, errors, and clicks on links. All the data you need to discover your recipients’ habits and plan further sendings.

Try MailUp, ever closer to the needs of the market. Also with a competitive price policy, as shown by recent discounts granted in some of the markets we serve: Japan, 0.5 credits per SMS (-17%); Spain, 0.7 credits per SMS (-30%); Poland, 0.365 credits per SMS (-34%); Denmark, 0.25 credits per SMS (-16%).

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