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It started with 12 brands and 150 items on sale. Three years later, with 1,500 brands and over 20,000 items, it was awarded Best Italian E-commerce by Netcomm and ships worldwide. It’s the fast-growing path followed by LOVEThESIGN, Italy’s #1 e-shop for home design, born in 2012 and now a major international player. MailUp was there for LOVEThESIGN all along. As its co-founder and CEO Vincenzo Cannata says –

“MailUp proved an effective tool for the scalability of automatic email delivery mechanisms during a period of quick growth such as ours”.

We decided to take a deeper look into LOVEThESIGN’s success case, pinpointing the winning strategies and turning them into best practices for all e-commerce websites. Read them up in our brand new case study!

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Goals: to streamline the user experience and boost conversions

Every e-commerce website knows how strategic emails can prove in bringing traffic to the shop and generating conversions. LOVEThESIGN chose to make the most of the email channel in the direction of streamlining the browsing experience and tightening the relationship with existing customers, thus leaving the task of generating new leads to other, more profitable channels.

  • Setup of an effective automatic workflow aimed at transforming subscribers into actual buyers as quickly as possibile
  • Automatic management of discounts, incentives and follow-up campaigns
  • Automatic login to the website thanks to a token parameter within the email messages

The results? Inactive users – slashed (-40%). Very active users – skyrocketing (+300%). Conversions up by 20% thanks to automatic triggers.

Read the whole case study
and discover the results LOVEThESIGN achieved with MailUp

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