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When we launched MailUp Facebook App last year, our goal was to provide marketers with a tool to connect email marketing and social networks. Of course, we didn’t discover Facebook’s potential yesterday: it is the third most visited website in the world after Google and YouTube, with 1.09 billion daily active users.

These are mind-boggling figures that are a potential goldmine for brands: MailUp Facebook App has been developed with the aim of converting this vast flow of visitors into new email contacts. This database-building activity comes before any email marketing initiative.

MailUp Facebook App is a simple and effective tool allowing you to create a subscription form that you can include in your Facebook page with just a few drag & drop operations. Today we’re pleased to offer you a new version of the app, revamped with new features to integrate your digital marketing activities.

Introducing the MailUp Facebook App.

Goodbye beta

Launched in beta in March 2015, the prototype version of MailUp Facebook App still managed to reach and go beyond one thousand users: having been a reliable tool in its early months of life, it has now been released in an updated and completed version, enhanced with new features (thanks also to your feedback).

New field for SMS marketing

The new version of MailUp Facebook App puts SMS and email side by side with a multi-channel approach that enables brands to integrate and deploy their own email and SMS marketing strategies: with the new version of the app, you can give your form a field specially for requesting telephone numbers, thereby making a direct link between your Facebook page and the MailUp platform’s SMS channel.

A new form with mobile number field

Moreover, international dialing codes are automatically handled so you can give the visitor to your Facebook page the option to select the country of his or her mobile number. By automatically synchronizing each new contact within the MailUp platform, the application lets you save time and have organized lists that are ready for sending, with no recurring errors about country codes.

The new form

With a simple form created with MailUp Facebook App, brands can create a fusion between social networks, email and SMS. Fast and with high opening rates, SMS is one of the most effective channels for promotional and marketing activities, as well as for customer care and managing the purchasing process. The facts do the talking: a recent study (to which we dedicated a blog post) revealed that 56% of consumers would choose SMS to communicate with companies, precisely because of its speed and immediacy.

MailUp’s SMS are Gold quality and completely traceable thanks to our detailed reporting system. And if the SMS’ 160 characters aren’t enough, with MailUp can you can create a landing page to include in your SMS: your recipients then just need to touch the link on the landing page to access a more detailed page on your products and services.

The landing page for SMS.

New features to customize the form coming soon

Research on MailUp Facebook App does not stop here. We’ll be launching new features in the coming months which will let you customize the form design even more: you’ll be able to choose all of the graphics (images, logos, backgrounds, titles and fields) to align them with your brand identity and with the look and feel of your Facebook page. If you want to be the first to know about this and many other features, sign up now to MailUp’s newsletter!

MailUp Facebook App grows with you

Haven’t tried MailUp Facebook App yet? It’s free, just install it and connect your Facebook page with the MailUp platform. If you don’t have a MailUp account, you can test the platform for free for 30 days and create your first campaign today.

Try MailUp for free.

MailUp Facebook App is just one of the tools developed and integrated into the platform: from the BEE email editor through to Jade, the tablet app to gather contacts even when offline. MailUp grows by listening to the needs of those who do email marketing. This is why your opinion counts: let us know how you got on with our Facebook App, what you would improve and what new feature you would like to see in the next version.

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