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However you want to call it – wheel, a winding road, a funnel or a hive – the customer journey involves various stages. One of these is hugely important for brands:  customer loyalty.

This is a set of activities that can lead to a high return on investment (ROI), not only because of its clearly visible medium/long-term benefits, but mainly because its costs – calculated by PricewaterhouseCoopers – are 5/10 times lower than those for acquiring a new customer.

Read the Loytrend case study >

Loyalty strategies: a lesson from Loytrend

This is why we decided to analyze this key moment in the relationship with the customer, by putting the MailUp platform and its advanced Email & SMS marketing features in the hands of Loytrend. Loytrend is a company that for years has been developing loyalty strategies for brands in all sectors, with the aim of boosting revenues and enhancing their image and identity.

This gave rise to a case study, which – thanks to reports and results analysis – highlights how email and SMS can develop an entire loyalty strategy, from the launch of the promotion right through to recovering inactive customers.

Read the case study

Different channels, one platform

Direct marketing has a lot to it: to manage everything in an organic way, Loytrend needed a single integrated platform that could bring together all the tools needed to create, send and track email and SMS campaigns, with the further ability of comparing the platform’s mailing data with each customer’s purchasing data.

Specifically, Loytrend’s key aims were and continue to be:

  • To collect new email contacts and telephone numbers for sending out loyalty campaigns
  • To retain customers by sending targeted and profiled campaigns
  • To create and launch omnichannel communications (both offline and online)
  • Taking full advantage of SMS, which are even more incisive and immediate than emails for recovering inactive customers.

MailUp has made it possible for Loytrend to channel all activities into a single platform. Our case study explores a particular project: a loyalty strategy tailored to CVG Moda – a fashion retail supplier. SMS was shown to be crucial for the strategy’s success, as the CVG target was particularly responsive.

A new platform for the marketers

In recent years, MailUp’s technological research has focused more on SMS marketing: this gave rise to MailUp 9 – the latest version of the platform. In addition to the redesigned interface and the Collaboration tool, MailUp 9 also offers brands new advanced features for multi-channel marketing automation: with just a few simple drag & drop operations, you can fine tune email and SMS workflows to guide the customer from their first contact to their purchase, right through to achieving loyalty. With workflows, it is the recipient’s behavior that triggers personalized and automatic communications.

Objectives, strategy, results, best practice: these are the stages the case study goes through to help you understand how the MailUp platform can help brands convert occasional customers into loyal ones, making customer loyalty a key element of your turnover.

Read the case study

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