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Our brand new dynamic catalog now features a major new integration with PieSync, enabling two-way synchronization of data between MailUp and a wide range of other platforms.

PieSync is an application that lets you sync your contacts across various applications in both directions and in real time. It can now be integrated with MailUp, letting you keep your database constantly up-to-date within the email and SMS platform. With zero effort.

There are many applications you can sync with MailUp thanks to PieSync. These include Zendesk, Google Contacts, Zoho CRM and InfusionSoft to mention just a few. Here is the full list:

What is 2-way synchronization?

Our product philosophy has one basic mantra: to provide solutions that help marketers achieve specific tasks in the easiest and most effective way possible. To do this, we strive to streamline the interaction between the countless applications that every marketer uses on a daily basis in their job.

All these applications are not usually integrated with one another. Result: each application has some of the data, but it can often be a complex and lengthy process to transfer it from one application to another. You can do data import/export, sure, but syncing doesn’t happen in real time.

For example, how can you link up the requests that arrive via Zendesk, customer details stored in a CRM like Salesforce, and your email delivery platform? Until now, this was possible thanks to custom integrations or synchronizations via FTP batch, but these were not in real time.


What does that mean? It means that when you need to call a potential customer or send a targeted email campaign, you never know if you’re calling the right number or using the most up-to-date email address. And this is where PieSync comes in.

What does PieSync do?

PieSync syncs your database in real time and in both directions. This way, you no longer need to transfer the data manually or develop custom integrations. The application also handles any duplicate data and mapping operations.


Time saved, higher productivity and simplified workflows. And if you’re wondering: the difference between this and Zapier is that Zapier gives you one-way synchronization, i.e. sending data from one application to another, but not vice versa – an excellent solution for a wide range of needs, but not all of them. PieSync fills this gap, helping to transport data and contacts in a smoother and more instant way.

Added benefits PieSync

A major advantage of contact syncing is being able to easily transfer crucial information between teams. No matter the source of your contact or which team handled it (customer care, marketing, sales, CRM). Everyone will have access to the latest information collected by all teams at the same time.

This solution may be crucial for improving the performance of email campaigns, for example by ensuring more accurate profiling of your contacts in a CRM platform.

Main benefits

  • No more manual import/export of your contacts
  • Share always up-to-date contacts with your team
  • Save time by skipping data entry operations and avoiding manual errors

PieSync offers a 14-day free trial: find out more in the integrations catalog and start syncing your applications with the MailUp platform!

Give MailUp a go!

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