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We’d like to present the new integration for perfecting automated flows at an advanced level, implementing data mapping, creating new APIs by combining other APIs, and much more.

Today we’d like to illustrate the new chapter of our integrations catalog that we have given great impetus to over the last few weeks, enriching it with new and different types of connectors. In case you missed them, here’s a short recap:

  • Vtiger, for automatically sharing customer information between a Customer Relationship Management system and MailUp’s email and SMS marketing tools.
  • PieSync, for two-way synchronization of data between MailUp and a wide range of other platforms.
  • Passendo, for managing email marketing and advertising activities from a single platform, optimizing and synchronizing all the activities.

And today we’d like to present the MailUp-Stamplay connector for creating automatisms at an advanced level between all your different applications and MailUp: for implementing data mapping, creating new APIs by combining other APIs and much more.

But let’s go over them in order. Let’s take a look at Stamplay’s usage scenarios and those which are connected to its integration with the MailUp platform.

About Stamplay

The Italian company Stamplay was founded in 2012 with the goal of offering its solutions to anyone who wants to save time and money in programming and integrating systems in clouds.

Meeting a specific need for development tools that go beyond HTML, the Stamplay platform makes it easy for anyone to build a cloud application using predefined modules, kind of like putting Lego pieces together, thanks to a simplified and easily manageable back-end.

More technically, Stamplay is a low-code development platform: it functions based on an IFTTT system – if this, then that. With this service, anyone can choose the modules to start off from, and then combine them with simple rules.

Therefore Stamplay is immediate and intuitive: it is no coincidence that we often talk about the platform being like the legos of APIs. Some time ago, the co-founder of Stamplay, Nicola Mattina, explained its role: “If I want to implement an application today, let’s say Uber, I have to put a number of applications together: for example Google Maps, but also a messaging service app, one for background activity control, etc. In essence, various apps are assembled like Lego pieces to produce a single application. We provide a tool, almost like a type of glue, for assembling all the pieces of this kind of Lego”.

What you can do with the MailUp-Stamplay connector

Now the worlds of MailUp and Stamplay can be linked together thanks to a new connector that combines the two different systems’ potential. Here are some features that this integration offers:

  • Visual workflow engine
    Quickly create workflows to automate your business processes, eliminate delays in the transfer of information between one department and another, and increase the quality of information.
  • Data mapping
    Systems use different naming conventions and structures for their data that needs to be reconciled. Flows make the transformation and transfer of data a child’s game.
  • Code Blocks
    If the workflow engine is not enough, you can implement advanced logic by running Node.js code blocks on our infrastructure.
  • API Builder
    Quickly build new APIs by combining other APIs: you can collect data from multiple services and display them as a simple URL.
  • Connectors to more than 80 company platforms
    Stamplay connects any application, database, or service, regardless of whether the data is present in a cloud or on-site.

Integrating MailUp and Stamplay

If you already use MailUp, you can get the integration directly from the platform: go to Configurations> Platform Management> Integrations and you’ll find the dynamic catalog with all the important information about the available integrations and how to get the connectors.

If you still don’t have an account, you can request a free 30-day trial of the platform so you can fully experience the combined potential of MailUp and Passendo.

Give MailUp a go!

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