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From now until December 25 and beyond, here are the strategies to boost end of year sales, taking advantage of the most immediate Digital Marketing channels.

If we are looking for an opportunity to give ourselves something during Black Friday, in the weeks before Christmas we tend to be looking for gift for others, friends, colleagues, relatives, in a rush for the gift that initiates as soon as Black Friday has ended.

Regarding the opportunities that December 25 opens to brands there is not much to add: our customers are ready to buy, all we have to do is set the right strategy to convert their interest into sales.

In this post we will guide you through a strategy of Email Marketing and Messaging Apps that we could organize in three time periods:

  • Pre-Christmas
  • Christmas
  • Post-Christmas

For each phase we will see a set of campaigns, which we have structured in the form of solutions with which to fully exploit the potential of your contact database.

Find a new audience for your Christmas

When → From November until December 16

Let’s start with a campaign that takes a somewhat broader approach, because it begins with database building. This is a fundamental operation to be able to give the successive campaigns (when going live) a wider information base, renewed with “fresh” contacts, for the email, SMS and Messaging channel.

Start a conversation: MailUp has a new Messaging channel

The focus of this strategy is on the Messaging channel, just introduced in MailUp and which requires new contacts.

Here are two examples to contextualize the database building for a new channel: Walmart, which in 2017 focused on renewing its SEO strategy for mobile devices, giving a preview of their special offers only to those who downloaded the app; and also Amazon, which selected products only for those who had accessed the site from the app, adding personalized incentives conveyed by push notifications.

What do you need?

  • 1 multichannel pop-up form
  • 1 “New contacts Christmas 2018” group
  • 1 dedicated discount


  • Create a pop-up form with the MailUp editor. In just a few clicks, add the Email, SMS and Messaging fields, choosing between Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Once you have defined the layout of the form, the editor generates the code for you to enter before closing the tag </ body> of your page, in the homepage, on the blog or where you think best. Here is an example of a multichannel pop-up form:

An example of multichannel pop-up form

  • Link the new “New contacts Christmas 2018” group to the pop-up form, thereby grouping all the new subscribers together in a precise set

Why you should use messaging apps in marketing and how to collect contacts

Create welcome messages and populate them with the promised benefit

When → As soon as the registration has been completed

Whether it’s a welcome email or a welcome message (for Messenger and Telegram), the important thing is that the message does not only contain the welcome itself, but also – as explainer earlier before – the concrete advantage promised at the time of registration.

Especially for the e-mail channel, the welcome campaign is a great opportunity, because it is the most open type of email:

  • Welcome emails guarantee 320% more revenue per email (turnover per message) compared to other promotional emails
  • The average opening rate of welcome emails is 50-86% higher than that of normal newsletters

What do you need?

  • 1 triggered welcome message for Messaging Apps
  • 1 triggered welcome email
  • A discount code or a landing page with the discounted items


  • Create an automatic Messaging Apps message, setting texts, images and call to action. Here is an example of welcome message that you could send

An example of Christmas campaign for Messenger

  • Set an automatic delivery to trigger the sending of the welcome email with each new subscription.
  • Create the email campaign, making sure that the discount is clearly visible (even better if you do not need to scroll). Here is a real example of an effective welcome with a discount incorporated.

Skullcandy welcome email

Usher in Christmas with an opening campaign

When → December 1

Finally the moment of the launch that inaugurates the Christmas season arrives. Find an idea to organize your product (online) showcase in a creative and functional way. For example, you can create new sections of your e-commerce (for her, for him, low-cost gifts, chic ideas, etc.). An entertaining solution, as well as being a useful one, which will be even more effective if communicated through segmented mailings.

What do you need?

  • 1 catalog dedicated to Christmas, a new page of your store or simply a reorganization of your website
  • 1 Messaging Apps campaign
  • 1 Email campaign
  • 1 A/B test


  • Create a Messaging Apps campaign that contains a single or multiple call to action, as in the example below:

 An example of messaging campaign

  • Create two variants of the email campaign: the first more classic, with a Christmas feel; the second more original in referring to December 25, without the usual stereotypes (lights, fir trees, packages and ribbons), but which still conveys the warmth of Christmas. Here is a good example:

The Hem Christmas campaign

  • Develop an A/B test with a sample of recipients, to find out which of the two gets better feedback in terms of openings, clicks and conversions
  • Declare the winning email campaign and submit it together with the Messaging Apps campaign. 

Launch special offers to the best customers

When → As soon as Black Friday has finished

This is a great way to generate conversions and to reward your best customers. To ensure your campaign has a high degree of success, involve only those customers who have been loyal to you in the last 12 months.

This is a particularly useful recipe during the season going from November to December because, benefiting from the natural Christmas shopping impulse (which involves almost everyone), it allows you to turn regular customers into loyal customers.

You can send selections of your best products: the best sellers or the most searched items, throughout the year or during Christmas 2017. In this way you cannot go wrong, maximizing the conversions based on spontaneous selection created by the public itself.

We want to reward you for your loyalty (but do not tell anyone else)
15% off your next purchase

What do you need?

  • 1 landing page
  • 1 “best customer” trigger


  • Create a landing page in line with your brand and insert the promotional code in an immediately visible position.
  • Identify the best customers group making use of the integrations that allow you to connect systems such as e-commerce and CRM to the MailUp platform.
  • Create a simple email with copy that emphasizes the privilege reserved for a few; then link the landing page to the call to action button.
  • It triggers the automatic sending of the Best customer email.

Abandoned under snow: retrieve the shopping carts

When → Every 7 days from November 26 to December 27

Good for every season, for every holiday cycle, particularly at Christmas, when the gift rush leads people to make closely compare brands and to store products in the shopping carts; these same people will make a decision well in advance or (more and more often) at the very last minute.

What do you need?

  • Integration between MailUp and your e-commerce
  • 1 “abandoned carts” trigger
  • A template for the cart recovery email


  • Create an email template and put in dynamic content, so that each email automatically recovers the items in each recipient’s shopping cart
  • Create a group with all the contacts that have an abandoned cart, synchronizing the information between your e-commerce and MailUp
  • Develop a trigger by setting the delivery conditions (for example, one recovery email every week)

Tuleste campaign

Last chance! Take advantage of last minute gifts

When → December 17

This is the classic now or never. By setting an automatism you can send a reminder to all those who did not open the opening campaign.

In general, this kind of campaign allows you to intercept the (desperate) needs of those who still have not been able to find the right gift, due to a lack of ideas or incompatibility between the idea and accessibility; but also to intercept all those gifts conceived at the last minute, for those people who were not supposed to get a gift. Just to say that the label of “last minute gifts” is vast and embraces a large number of people.

What do you need?

  • 1 Email campaign
  • 1 Messaging Apps campaign
  • 1 SMS campaign
  • 1 discount code


  • Create an email campaign that makes the concept immediately visible, something that sounds like “last call, with an additional discount and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve”.
    Kelty did it rather well, indicating the time constraints (date and time) of the order for delivery to be guaranteed by Christmas. The New Custom email is equally effective.
  • Create a Messaging Apps campaign that is equally effective in conveying urgency and the possibility of getting a great deal

An example of Messaging campaign

  • Lastly, do not forget the SMS channel, which is essential to guarantee the message 90% openings.

After Christmas: kindle the longing for New Year

When → From December 27

Although most sales take place before Christmas, the Christmas shopping season extends to early January. Even before Christmas, many people are thinking about the January sales. So, take advantage of the huge customer receptivity at Christmas to prepare the ground for January.

Focus on emotions: New Year is always an opportunity to start over, show a new version of oneself. Daniel Wellington understands this very well, as their emails show:

The Daniel Wellington campaign

What do you need?

  • 1 Email campaign
  • 1 Messaging Apps campaign
  • The right degree of programming


  • Schedule the activity towards the beginning of December. With MailUp you have all the tools to plan both Email and Messaging campaigns
  • Create an Email and Messaging Apps campaign with a design that is completely unlike the aesthetics of Christmas and that, just like the email above, calls to mind a neutral idea of ​​purification, a new year and a new beginning.

In summary

If programming is fundamental, it is equally true that in order to implement the strategies we have just seen, it is possible to take action even now, towards the end of November. There is plenty of time.

What is needed is an overall view, which allocates and defines mailings and launches within a well-informed editorial plan, and of course technology: request a free trial of MailUp: you can create and send your Email, SMS and Messaging Apps campaigns for 30 days.

Nothing else is needed to boost your sales at the end of the year.

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