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We asked Walmart how it enriched the shopping experience through a series of automated and profiled campaigns for each phase of the customer relationship.

Walmart Argentina sought a reliable platform, with a high delivery capacity and accessible to multiple users, where several communication types, aligned to its business strategies, could be managed. It is at that point that MailUp entered their lives.

How can you guarantee the best shopping experience to your customer base?

In this new phase, organising the company’s business areas and targeting based on their needs has been paramount. Thanks to MailUp and its multi-list function, the company managed to achieve all this using a single account. 

Now, e-commerce, Marketing and Customer Support – the company’s different work areas – can send different communications, create specific reports and independent dashboards, working in a compartmentalised way whilst sharing business rules and delivery calendars, with a multi-channel communication strategy and a 100% customer-oriented approach.

Walmart aims to guarantee customers the best shopping experience through a solution that can integrate all environments in its digital ecosystem: CRM and its e-commerce store on VTEX. This has been achieved through to the integration of MailUp with VTEX. In turn, this allowed a more detailed analysis of its customers’ purchasing behaviour, acquiring new data and transforming them into relevant information, which was used to generate micro-segmentation within an RFM model and attain a hyper-personalised communication.

What were the corporate goals?

Based on the company’s needs and its core goal, namely to improve the shopping experience for users, new corporate goals emerged:

  • Capture purchase data in real time
  • Process purchase history to generate useful information
  • Boost customer loyalty through personalised email campaigns
  • Analyse purchasing behaviour and optimise the RFM model
  • Identify inactive customers and recover them
  • Automate communications during the life cycle.

In a certain way, all points above aim to build a new and better shopping experience for users, to understand the life cycle of company’s customers, and act accordingly. Personalised communication through segmentation, automation and analysis by area has proven fundamental to improve relationships with users.

What strategy did the company implement to achieve this goal?

The integration of the tool with its Online Shop helped in implementing a so-called RFM model, designed to analyse its customers’ behaviour in detail and develop a series of automated and profiled campaigns by phase, sending each person relevant information to enrich his/her shopping experience.

Schedule optimisation and campaign fine-tuning achieved through the BEE Editor – responsive drag & drop e-mail editor – improvedthe effectiveness of the company’s actions. This allowed the company greater agility when assembling platform-specific emails and, given its utter ease-of-use, they could devote more time to planning and strategy without neglecting communication design. Furthermore, content modules integrated directly into VTEX ensured a more effective and fluid workflow overall. 

With very few clicks, users can create completely responsive and functional components, plus share their creations for final review with design agencies.

MailUp has proven the ideal technology to perfect Walmart Argentina’s digital strategies. The RFM model has been implemented thanks to the integration with the eCommerce store. In particular, this model favours a detailed analysis of customer behaviour and the development of automated campaigns by phase of the digital purchasing process, allowing the delivery of relevant, real-time information as per the customers’ preferences.

Juan Bucure, Digital & eCommerce Specialist at Walmart | Digital Transformation 

The integration of MailUp with its VTEX store was a great discovery and allowed the company to achieve excellent results.

Although the work continues in different directions, new strategies appear daily, and social and technological progress transform communications, WALMART Argentina has achieved remarkable results:

  • Strengthen, optimise and enrich its databases.
  • Manage the correct reputation of its delivery domains with the main mail providers, reaching an optimal delivery rate in the customers’ inbox.
  • Consolidate a unified strategy among different areas, working on the same system, and implementing a customer-oriented strategy.
  • Capture accurate and concrete metrics on all actions with easy-to-use dashboards for different areas.
  • Improve all KPIs including open rates, CTR and conversions in the email Marketing channel.

In closing

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