How to create impactful landing pages with videos 

16 March 2022Reading time: 6 min.

Videos are one of the most effective tools to capture user attention and stimulate conversion. Now, MailUp also lets you use them in your landing pages, making them even more professional and impactful. Learn how to use the latest in the MailUp platform landing page editor. 

Did you know that adding a video to your landing pages can increase conversions by 86%? Given videos’ immediacy and clarity, 90% of users prefer them to other forms of content. 

Choosing to embed them in your landing pages is therefore a smart, effective strategy to facilitate conversions. As of today, MailUp lets you do that easily, quickly and without HTML knowledge. Using the platform’s integrated editor you can add short videos as background to your page content with a simple drag & drop. 

Follow the steps in this article to find out how. 

Why use videos in landing pages? The Advantages

Videos are an increasingly popular format for users. Think for example of social media such as Instagram and TikTok, which are building real empires of this format. 

Just a few years ago photos kept our eyes fixed on our device screens. Now we are hypnotized by reels, stories and video animation, diverting the choices of marketers towards this type of content. 

Dynamism, speed and realism make a video much more effective than a static graphic element. The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 64% claim that watching a video increases your chances of buying (Animoto)
  • 54% of consumers say they want to see more video formats from brands (HubSpot)
  • dwell time is 88% higher for web pages that contain videos
  • video pages are 53 times more likely to make the Google front page 

Are you convinced? Then read our article and learn how to insert a video into a landing page with the MailUp platform editor. 

How to insert videos in landing pages 

Let’s start first with a little theory and see what you need to do before you actually create your page model. 

Set a goal

What is the goal of your landing page? Do you want to activate a free trial of your product? Have visitors sign up for an event? Find new subscribers to your newsletter? 

The goal of your landing page directly affects the type, content and style of your video.

Choose the target

Choosing a goal also involves choosing your targets. These might be potential new customers who do not know your brand. Or maybe they’re customers already acquired by loyalty who already know your products or services. 

Your target also affects your video choice: its style, level of complexity, tone and layout. 

Choose the type of video

Once you set your goal and target, you need to define the type of video to use as your landing page background. There are several types to choose from:

demo videos. These are videos like product demos and tutorials. They can be used to show how a software program or feature works. They are effective for landing pages aimed at activating a free trial. 

testimonial videos. Very often used for brand awareness and reputation, when you want to focus on brand trust rather than products or services. 

promotional videos. Just the opposite of testimonials, promotional videos are showcases of e-commerce products or videos with a limited promotional message. Their angle is less formal and more promotional. 

information videos. These videos provide information clearly in a more neutral and direct style. Perfect for landing pages dedicated to an event, giving all the information you need to provide in seconds. 

Choose the program to create your page

Now is the time to put all your elements, including videos, on your landing page.

To do so, use a simple and intuitive tool such as a drag & drop editor. It lets you create a landing page in a few clicks and without knowledge of HTML. At the same time, you can keep all the handy customization options. 

The drag & drop editor for MailUp landing pages

Easy, fast and automatic mobile optimization make a drag & drop editor the best choice to set up your landing pages. It’s even easier when you choose an Email Marketing platform like MailUp with its integrated landing page editor. That lets you synchronize your pages with all your digital marketing activities, from database building to SMS Marketing. 

With the MailUp editor, you can: 

  • use drag & drop creation operations without needing to know HTML
  • have an automatically responsive landing page, optimized for any device
  • free MailUp hosting for landing page
  • add a web analytics tracking code (such as Google Analytics) to track conversions that arrive via landing pages
  • include registration forms to collect new subscribers
  • add links to your pages in email and SMS

Now, in addition, you can also add short, automatically played videos as background content in your pages. 

How to create a landing page with MailUp

With the Landing Page editor on the MailUp platform, creating a landing page is easy and requires few drag & drop operations. See which ones:

  1. In MailUp, go to Database building > Landing page and click on New landing page
  2. Choose a template for your landing page from those available
  3. Edit the template with the drag & drop editor. In the right sidebar, you find a whole series of contents (titles, images, icons, social buttons, stickers, GIFs and CTA buttons) at your disposal. Simply choose and drag them into your page template
  1. In the Template tab, you can add more rows and columns to your pages, place them wherever you want, and add your favorite content. 
  2. Click on the icon in the upper left with desktop and mobile symbols if you want to switch to mobile view and check the page rendering from your smartphone. So, you can decide not to stack certain contents or hide and not display them on mobile, depending on the page rendering you are creating. 
  1. Once you’ve added all the content and customized texts, colors, images, and CTAs, click Save

In the settings of your landing page, you can also:

  • change the name or insert internal notes
  • publish the landing page (making it visible outside the platform)
  • insert the meta tags “Title” and “Description” to optimize SEO positioning of the page
  • display the URL of the page
  • enter a tracking code for web analytics.

On the settings page you can also further refine your page and perform a series of useful activities to complete your goals:

  • create a post-registration page, i.e. the page that your contacts will see once the conversion is completed on your landing page
  • link a confirmation email, sent to the contact who finalizes a conversion and registration via your landing page
  • use the page in an SMS campaign, adding a shortened link in the text

How to insert a video into a landing page with MailUp

The latest from the Landing page editor in MailUp allows you, again with a simple drag & drop, to add a background video to your content. The video plays automatically when the page is viewed. (Please note: on some mobile devices and depending on the browser used, only the first frame of the video might be displayed, so pay attention to the type of video you select).  

All you have to do to give your page a WOW impact is insert your video. How? 

  • click on the page template you created and go to Edit 
  • select the content line where you want to put your background video and activate the Video background row button
  • now, enter the URL of the video you want displayed and played automatically on your page in the empty field. You can add video URLs from YouTube and Vimeo (the main video libraries on the web), or a self-hosted URL
  • once you insert the video, adapt it to your page, selecting either the Full width, Side by side or Center options. 

The result? Here’s an example: 

(Source: editor BEE)

The best examples of landing pages with videos

Here are some examples of landing pages with a video background:

  1. art gallery landing page, to promote the collections and encourage visitors. 
  1.  sporting event landing page, with background video of a match, to invite spectators to book a seat. 

3. guided nature tour landing page, with a video showing the beauty of the destinations. The images’ symbolic power is an attraction for visitors to book. 

Now it’s your turn

What are you waiting for? Go to the platform. Start creating your own landing pages with videos!

If you haven’t tried it yet, ask now for a free trial version of the MailUp platform

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