How to use Artificial Intelligence to create an email: MailUp’s AI Assistant and the infographic that teaches you to use it

17 October 2023Reading time: 1 min.

Artificial Intelligence is the most popular tool around right now, even for Email Marketing. But to use it truly effectively, you need to be familiar with best practice and take a few little precautions. MailUp’s new free infographic can help you learn to use AI and make the most of this tool in your email campaigns.

It’s essential to keep up with the unstoppable evolution of artificial intelligence in the digital world. For several months now, we have been testing and fine-tuning our AI Assistant, MailUp’s Artificial Intelligence tool, and we’re happy to tell you that it will soon be available on the platform. What is it for? Helping you create even more incisive, customized email marketing content.

MailUp’s AI Assistant can create high-performing, original, quality copy for your emails. But, like any AI tool, it only works properly if you state your request clearly and correctly. In other words, if the “prompt” (the text of the order you submit to the tool) must be understandable and effective.

This is why we have created an infographic explaining how to write a prompt properly, and what prompts can be of use to you to take advantage of all the potential of AI in Email Marketing. 

What you’ll find in the infographic:

  • how to write a prompt that will be effective
  • how to create an email from scratch in 3 prompts
  • 10 prompts of use in Email Marketing

What are you waiting for? Download it for free here.

What is a prompt?

The term “prompt” refers to the text the user submits to an AI tool which the AI tool then uses to generate a response. In other words, it’s a text request the user submits to Artificial Intelligence to obtain the desired output.

Why is it important to know how to write a prompt?

Writing a request may sound easy, but in actual fact there are a thousand ways a user might approach AI, and the response obtained can vary considerably depending on how the request is phrased.

Now that use of AI is booming, plenty of studies have analyzed the techniques and methods for writing a prompt that will obtain the desired feedback.

Knowing what to write, what information to provide, what details to add and at what stage in the dialog with the AI tool, which words to use, is essential to learn to use AI correctly and get what you want from it.

Especially when you want to use AI in a highly specific, complex environment such as Email Marketing.

In this infographic, we’ll teach you the best practices to use when writing a prompt and the mistakes to avoid, and offer suggestions for useful prompts for Email Marketing with AI, which we have tested ourselves in our own campaigns.

So what are you waiting for? Download the infographic now, it’s free! And don’t forget to put it in practice when you try the MailUp AI Assistant!

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Paola Bergamini

Paola Bergamini

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